Proline 4-5 Person Low EMF Infrared Sauna

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Manufacturer: Proline Saunas
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Proline 4-5P Sauna

Proline Sauna: Carbon Fiber 4-5 person Low EMF heaters

15 Carbon Wave 360 Heaters

6200 square inches of Surface Area Heat!

The Proline 4 Far Infrared Sauna is our largest and most powerful model, boasting 2600 watts of power and 144 cubic feet of space to give up to five persons a relaxing, therapeutic sauna session to remember.

  • Completely portable
  • EZ Lock System: Special lock system provides easy installation and eliminates outside clips.
  • Very comfortable operating temperature of 110F to 140F, not the 160F to 180F of traditional steam saunas.Recommended temperature for ANY infared sauna is 120-130F.
  • Very low operating cost; uses the same amount of energy as your toaster. Only adds $3 to $5 per month to your electric bill 


  • Quality materials, workmanship and finish

  • 100% Canadian Hemlock-Fir (also available in Red Cedar)

  • Digital control panels; inside and out

  • AM/FM/MP3/CD player

  • Tempered glass windows

  • Interior and exterior lighting

  • Chromotherapy(therapeutic) lights

  • Oxygen Ionizer

  • features back, leg, and floor heating panels

  • optional DVD / MP3 / LCD System (extra $395)

  • Lifetime Warranty 

Poline 4 person Low EMF infrared saunas

Information about the dangers of prolonged exposure to high electromagnetic frequency or EMF from manufactured devices has been gaining momentum. Perfect examples include spending large amounts of time devoted to our smart phones or watching television.  This type of consistent exposure has been reported to cause problems like headaches, sluggishness and being irritable. Greater health risks associated with the dangers of electromagnetic frequency have also been documented.

As a leading manufacturer, ProLine Infrared Saunas ensures that their sauna line is built with the lowest emf elements available for maximum consumer safety. In a test measuring EMF emissions, a gauss meter was utilized to show a reading below 1 milligauss for our infrared saunas. This measurement is close to electromagnetic frequencies that are measured in hertz. This is minuscule and almost non-existent in comparison to listening to the AM radio at 1 Mega hertz or 100 Mega hertz to FM radio. Where it gets dangerous is at the 1 Giga hertz where computers, cell phones and microwaves give off these kinds of emissions. It is important to know how much electromagnetic frequency emissions are given off by a sauna manufacturer.

The results with our ultra low EMF infrared sauna products are amazing. The heat from the walls of the heating units in the saunas elevates temperature under the skin to secrete toxic wastes by sweat. They impact immune systems directly, reduce inflammation and promote overall health. The increase of vascular fluids movement leads to the treatment of soft tissue damage around the body. They expand vascular capillary systems to stimulate circulation around the body.  Our utra low EMF sauna will relieve the liver and kidneys by passing toxins through the skin that help to protect these internal organs from damage.

When ProLine Infrared Saunas were tested with a gauss meter, the reading put out less than 1 milligauss when measured one inch away from the panel and when the meter is moved two inches from the panel will usually drop down to ratings 0!!! Most other saunas when tested put off reading of averaging from 80 to 180 milligauss! This is way too much when your trying to detoxify your body. The Idea of getting into a low emf sauna from ProLine is to get the toxins out and not get get them in!



Wattage: 2850 Watts
Amperage: 12 Amps
Circuit: Dedicated 220 volt / 240 volt 20 amp circuit / outlet required


Proline Far Infrared Sauna Features:

ProLine includes additional comforts for all their Infrared Saunas to ensure many years of enjoyment!
Chromotherapy Lights:
Different colored lights allow you to take advantage of the many benefits Color Light Therapy can offer to your well being.
Inside/Outside Soft Touch Controls:
Easy to press and easy to use controls inside and outside the sauna so you don’t have to get out of your relaxing session.
Cup holders:
Take a refreshing drink into your infrared sauna while you sweat away the toxins.
Hand Carved Wave Handle:
A touch of elegance to your most prized possession.
Built in Backrest:
Revolutionary backrest allows you to feel heat directly on your skin without burning.
Tempered Glass Doors:
Your beautiful infrared sauna is wrapped with gorgeous glass doors providing you with a chic look and a non-claustrophobic feeling.
Groove Double Wall Construction:
Quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.
Floor and Leg Heating Panels:
Allows your feet and legs to feel what the rest of your body feels.
EZ Lean System:
Our unique EZ Lean system allows you to lay back, right against the panels with no fear of burning or chaffing for the ultimate in sauna comfort.
Oxygen Ionizer:
Releases ions to purify the air
Steel encased conduit wiring:
Provides Electro-magnetic Field shielding. Saunas are available in 120 volt and 240 volt configurations.
Only Water Based Glues Used: No off gassing!
EZ Lock System:
Special locking system provides easy installation and great strength without the use of outside clips. Our handcrafted saunas really are a beautiful piece of furniture and will complement any room.
Luxury lights package:
The lighting on and around a West Coast Saunas Sauna will set the mood for your relaxing session.
Towel Rack:
Handy and thoughtfully placed towel racks – inside the infrared sauna.
Adjustable Vents:
Nothing is better than a quick, cool breeze while enjoying the heat of your West Coast Saunas Sauna.
Listen to your favorite CD or radio station with controls inside the sauna.
Inside Reading Light:
Soft, but bright enough to light your book or magazine
Magazine Rack:

There’s no better time to read than while relaxing in your infrared sauna.


Specifications: Proline 4-5 person Infrared Carbon Fiber Sauna
Dimensions: Width: 73 inches
Depth: 50 inches
Height: 75 inches
Thickness of sidewall panel wood: (double walled sauna) 8mm x 2=16 mm or .63 inches
Capacity: 5 Person
Weight: NA
Seating Type: Bench
Adjustable Temperature: 50-149.00°F (10-65°C)
Timer Setting: 0 to 90 minutes
Wood Material: Hemlock Fir (optional Red Cedar)
Construction: EZ Lock System
Non-toxic glues on inside
Non-toxic finish on outside
Heaters: 15 Carbon Fiber Heaters
Carbon Wave 360 Low EMF
Magazine Rack: Yes
Towel Rack: Yes
Operating Temperature: 60°F - 140°F
Power Usage 240 Volts (12 amps)/2850 Watts
Infrared Wavelengths: 8μm-10μm This is very close to your own body’s frequency of 9.4 microns. The closer this frequency is, the more beneficial to your health and wellbeing.
External Digital Control: Yes
Internal Digital Control: Yes
External Lighting: Yes
Internal Lighting: Yes
Therapeutic Lights: Yes
CD Music Player with AM-FM and Speakers: Yes
 Warranty: Lifetime on control panel 
Lifetime on infrared heaters
Lifetime on wood
Lifetime on CD player

White Glove Delivery

white glove service

An optional Value added home delivery service by our experienced professionals

Unloading and unpacking of boxes
• Assembly and installation of sauna
• Removal of boxes and other debris
 • Anywhere in the Continental US

Just select it as an option when ordering (Available with Proline Infrared saunas only)

 ** Does not include electrical installation**

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