The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent

The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent
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The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent builds on the teaching offered in the previous book Ask and It Is Given, showing very clearly how to move up the Emotional Scale.

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The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent provides the answers that people receive when they bring their practical, real-life questions to an Art of Allowing seminar. These are Abraham's "recipes for success," gathered together for your enjoyment in The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent.

This book is about having a deliberate intent for whatever you want in life, while at the same time balancing your energy along the way. But it’s important to note that the awareness of the need to balance your energy is much more significant than goal-setting or focusing on ultimate desires.

Table of Contents

The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: A New Way of Looking at Life 
Your Every Preference Is Heard and Answered
You Are a Powerful Leading-Edge Creator
Chapter 2: Life on Planet Earth Continues to Get Better 
There Is Great Satisfaction in Deliberate Creation
The Art of Allowing Your Deliberate Intent
Your Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent
Chapter 3: Death, As Another New Beginning 
You Are Here with Deliberate Intent
You Came Here Expecting to Produce New Desires
Chapter 4: You Are Vibrational Extensions of the Non-Physical 
Emotions Indicate Your Non-Physical Relativity
Connection, Your Most Natural State of Being
Chapter 5: You Came Here to Create Your Own Experience 
Vibrational Alignment with Who-You-Really-Are
Inner Being and Your Emotional Guidance System
To Feel for Your State of Balanced Energy
Chapter 6: The Attractive Power of Your Creative Thought 
The Powerful, Universal Law of Attraction
Yours Is a Unique and Personal Life Experience
Chapter 7: You Are Manifesting the Essence of What You Are Thinking About 
Each Subject Has a Varied Vibrational Range
How Does the Thought Feel to You?
It Is Never Too Late to Change Direction
Chapter 8: When You Ask, It Is Always Given 
You Launched a Rocket of Desire, but.?
Chapter 9: Truth Is All About Your Focus 
You Are the Creator of Your Own Truth
Chapter 10: Awareness, As Your Key to Deliberate Creation 
Can You Vibrationally Match Your New Desires?
Chapter 11:
 Vibrational Relativity and Energy Balance 
The Best Path to Your Intended Destinations?
You Have a Personal Emotional Guidance System
Your Source Immediately Joins Your Every Desire
Chapter 12: Finding Alignment with Your Source Energy 
Increased Attention Enhances the Emotional Intensity
Is Your Focus Predominantly on What You Want?
Chapter 13: Vibrational Relativity Regarding My Physical Body
Chapter 14: Vibrational Relativity Regarding My Home
Chapter 15: Vibrational Relativity Regarding My Work
Chapter 16: Vibrational Relativity Regarding My Relationships
Chapter 17: Vibrational Relativity Regarding My Financial Abundance
Chapter 18: Vibrational Relativity Regarding My World
Chapter 19: Vibrational Relativity Regarding My Government
Chapter 20: Realigning with Your Vibration of Well-Being 
Balancing Vibrations Between Your Desires and Beliefs
This Is Your Ultimate Balancing of Energy
Chapter 21: Finding Vibrational Alignment with Your Inner Being 
Am I Allowing, or Resisting, My Well-Being?
Your Most Important Decision to Make
Freedom, or Lack of Such, As Perceptual
Chapter 22: Your Point of Attraction and the Relief Factor 
The Emotional Guidance Scale, from Allowing to Resistance
A Scale of Your Emotions Would Look Like This
Continually Reach for Relief from Resistance
There Is Not a Source of "Unwanted"
Chapter 23: The Balancing of Energies for Joyful Creation 
Examples of Balancing Contrasting Vibrational Frequencies
Chapter 24: My Body
Contrasting Weight Situation
Contrasting Health Situation
Contrasting Fatigue Situation
Contrasting Physical-Decline Situation
Chapter 25: My Home 
Contrasting Home-Space Situation
Contrasting Home-Deterioration Situation
Contrasting Neighbors' Situation
Contrasting Home-Maintenance Situation
Chapter 26: My Relationships 
Contrasting Adult-Child Situation
Contrasting Loneliness Situation
Contrasting Marital Situation
Contrasting Meddling-Parent Situation
Chapter 27: My Work 
Contrasting Co-worker Situation
Contrasting Job Situation
Contrasting Acting-Career Situation
Contrasting Abundance Situation
Chapter 28: My Money 
Contrasting Abundance Situation
Contrasting Defective-Car Situation
Contrasting Financial-Security Situation
Contrasting Debt Situation
Chapter 29: My World 
Contrasting Strife-and-Starvation Situation
Contrasting Planetary Situation
Contrasting Travel Situation
Contrasting Environmental Situation
Chapter 30: My Government 
Contrasting Government Situation
Contrasting Government's Financial-Deficit Situation
Contrasting National-Pride Situation
Contrasting Citizens'-Freedom Situation
Chapter 31: The Value of Improved Vibrational Relativity 
Have You Been Creating Deliberately, or by Default?
You Are Traveling on Two Concurrent Journeys
Chapter 32: The Action Journey and the Emotional Journey
Chapter 33: Applying the Book-of-Positive-Aspects Process 
Home-Deterioration Situation
Co-worker Situation
Government Situation
Chapter 34: Applying the Segment-Intending Process 
Fatigue Situation
Job Situation
Chapter 35: Applying the Wouldn't-It-Be-Nice-If. ? Process 
Home-Space Situation
Home-Deterioration Situation
Neighbors' Situation
Home-Maintenance Situation
Adult-Child Situation
Marital Situation
Meddling-Parent Situation
Debt Situation
Strife-and-Starvation Situation
Government Situation
Government's Financial-Deficit Situation
Chapter 36: Applying the Which-Thought-Feels-Better? Process 
Physical-Decline Situation
Acting-Career Situation
Defective-Car Situation
Financial-Security Situation
Planetary Situation
Environmental Situation
Government's Financial-Deficit Situation
National-Pride Situation
Chapter 37: Applying the Wallet Process 
Current Contrasting Financial-Abundance Situation
Chapter 38: Applying the Focus-Wheel Process 
Fatigue Situation
Loneliness Situation
Co-worker Situation
Acting-Career Situation
Chapter 39: Applying the Finding the Feeling-Place Process 
Marital Situation
Abundance Situation
Planetary Situation
Chapter 40: Applying the Becoming-Free-of-Debt Process
Chapter 41: Applying the Turning-It-Over-to-the-Manager Process 
Neighbors' Situation
Home-Maintenance Situation
Adult-Child Situation
Abundance Situation
Loneliness Situation
Meddling-Parent Situation
Acting-Career Situation
Financial-Imbalance Situation
Financial-Security Situation
Travel Situation
Environmental Situation
Government Situation
Government's Financial-Deficit Situation
National-Pride Situation
Chapter 42: Applying the Reclaiming-One's-Natural-State-of-Health Process 
Physical-Decline Situation
Chapter 43: Applying the Moving-Up-the-Emotional-Guidance-Scale Process 
Meddling-Parent Situation
Financial-Security Situation
Strife-and-Starvation Situation
Environmental Situation
Citizens'-Freedom Situation
Chapter 44: The Value of Utilizing These Processes
Chapter 45: Ninety-Nine Percent of Every Creation Is Complete Before You See Any Evidence of It
Chapter 46: The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent Life examples

Excerpt from Chapter 1

The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent - Chapter 1

This is the full text from Chapter 1 of The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, the book by Esther and Jerry Hicks on the teachings of Abraham. 

A New Way of Looking at Life
Contrary to what many of our physical friends believe, life on planet Earth is at its all-time best. and getting better! This powerful and accurate statement is not only based on our observation of the intricate details of life on Earth, but also on our knowledge of the powerful Laws of the Universe and our understanding that all things are eternally expanding and improving.

People often complain about modern life, stating that it lacks something they remember enjoying in earlier times, and they long to return to those eras or conditions. But we never look to the past for better times, for we understand that what is happening now and what is coming next will always contain the best that life has to offer.

People often misunderstand their role in this magnificent process of Eternal expansion, humbly seeing themselves as insignificant in the larger scheme of things. Some believe that God, or some Higher Power, has created all things, including them, and that now they are here on planet Earth working to achieve a more Godly state, or to achieve God's approval. Others have decided that the world is Godless, and so they, therefore, strive to please no one.

From our broader, Non-Physical vantage point, we understand the power, purpose, and value of the human Being, the human mind, and human thought, for we know that you are the Leading Edge of thought. We understand the value of the variety in which you are living, and the purpose of the contrast that you observe. We feel the clarity that arises from your focus in your environment, and we revel in the expansion of thought that results from your exposure to your life experiences. We understand creation-and we understand the power of thought.

You are not here in your physical body striving to achieve the Non-Physical, for you are not separate from the Non-Physical; you are an extension-a Leading Edge extension-of that Non-Physical Energy. You are not here on planet Earth trying to get back to what is Non-Physical, but instead, you are summoning the Non-Physical outward to where you are. And in that summoning, All-That-Is expands, and your summoning is the reason for the expansion.

Your Every Preference Is Heard and Answered
As you live your life, aware of your environment and all of its contrasting components, a natural process of clarifying your personal preferences occurs. Sometimes these preferences are so fully conscious that you speak of them in terms of your desires, and sometimes they are more subtle and no words are spoken, for these preferences happen at many levels of your Being. Even the cells of your body are points of Consciousness "who" are experiencing contrast and clarifying their preferences. In fact, everything around you: your animals, your trees-even your rocks, dirt, and dust-are actually pulsing, living Consciousnesses who are experiencing contrast and who have preferences. And these living, pulsing preferences have summoning power.

In simpler terms, we like to say: When you ask, it is given. It is always given. It is given every time. No exceptions.. When you or anyone or anything asks, it is given. And this simple process of exposure to experience, which causes Consciousness to clarify personal preferences, sets a vibrational summoning into motion that causes the Eternal expansion of the Universe.

When you realize that everything you see around you in your time-space reality is Consciousness, that every point of Consciousness is having an experience in which its own preferences are born, and that every preference is heard and answered, then you must understand, as we do, that all is very well.

You Are a Powerful Leading-Edge Creator
You are on the Leading Edge of thought, experience, and expansion. You are certainly not alone in this, for all that has come before you is aware of where you are, what you are doing, and what you are asking for. The Non-Physical aspect of this Leading-Edge you is experiencing the expansion, also, reveling in the new ideas, and joyously joining you as you continue to move into your powerful future.

It is our desire that you remember all that you are so that you can enjoy this Leading-Edge vantage point in the way you intended as you decided to come forth into this physical body.

You are not inferior Beings in need of enlightenment. You are not insignificant particles in a vast, unending Universe. You are not misguided or forgotten children trying to find your way home.. You are powerful Leading-Edge creators riding the most significant wave of expansion that has ever occurred. And it is our desire that you return to your conscious awareness of this so that your time in this physical body can be one of deliberate, conscious joy!

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