The Shocking Truth about Water

The Shocking Truth about Water
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Water Is The Key To All Body Functions!

The excerpt below is from the 28th printing

ISBN 0-87790-063-9: 170 pages

Pure Water (H2O) is the Essential Fluid of Life Required for Health!
The most important factors that make for a healthier, happier, longer life are:

  • Pure, unpolluted air and practicing deep breathing.
  • Drinking purified distilled water that is free from harmful chemicals, toxins, and inorganic mineral. Ideal is 8 glasses per day for body maintenance and health.
  • Eating natural, organically grown good is best.

The two most important substances on this earth are air and WATER! Water is perhaps the single most characteristic substance of our planet. It may simultaneously appear in solid, liquid and gaseous forms. It has been adapted as a unit of measure for the specific gravity of all other substances. Water plays important roles in the circulation of the earth's surface elements. Man must have water or he soon dies! Consider the shipwrecked sailor on a great ocean of salt water—if this man does not get fresh salt-free water, he dies. The man who gets lost in the dry, hot desert soon dies of dehydration if he does not get water. Thirst can drive him insane before he endures an agonizing death. Certain animals—squirrels, rabbits, etc.—that feed on grasses and herbs containing about 85% water never need a drink as long as they can find their natural food.

The Law of Cause and Effect:

An unhealthy lifestyle produces illnesses and disease. Most humans are lacking sufficient water intake to maintain optimum body health! Fact: most people are dehydrated most of their lives! It's vital to have 8 glasses of distilled water daily to operate the body functions and achieve The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle for supreme health!
– Paul C. Bragg

The World's Water Supply:

Water is distributed in great or small amounts to every part of the earth. All but about 3% of the water is held in oceans; the remainder is found as deep as 3 miles under the earth's crust or as high as 7 miles above the surface, as vapor. The table above shows the quantity and percentage of water in all its habitats.


Water Volume (mi3)

% of Total Water

Fresh Water Lakes



Sealine Lakes and Inland Lakes



Rivers and Streams



Subsurface Water Soil moisture



Groundwater within depth of half mile



Deep-lying ground water



Ice Caps and Glaciers









TOTAL (approx.)




Mother's milk contains about 87% water; juicy fruits and succulent vegetables also possess almost the same percentage of fluid. Those who consume ample amounts of fresh fruit daily absorb, in addition to about 8 oz of solid food, at least 3 pints of living, naturally purified water, distilled by Mother Nature. Water is one of the most important substances on the face of the earth. Without it, all life—from plants to humans to animals—would cease to exist!

Water Goes On Forever

Water is absolutely indestructible, but unfortunately easily polluted! Scientists believe that there is not a drop more—nor a drop less—than when shallow water first formed the roundness of the earth with its tidal currents. Volcanic eruptions eventually brought solid rock and earth above the water in the form of mountains. Over time, these became continents.

Why the Body Needs Pure Water

The amount of water a body needs depends on temperature, climate, one's activties and health—8 glasses is average. When you drink a glass of water it goes straight to your stomach. Part of the water is absorbed directly into your bloodstream through the walls of your stomach and some of the remainder goes to your intenstines to keep the food you eat in a liquid state while it is being absorbed; this water is later absorbed directly into the blood.

Drinking the right kind of water is one of your best natural protections against all kinds of virus infections such as influenza, pneumonia, whopping cough, measles and other infectious diseases. Doctors advise bed-rest and plenty of water for the flu. When the body's tissues and cells are kept well-supplied with ample water, they can fight viral attacks more efficiently. If the body's cells are water-starved, they become shriveled up, parched and dry, making it easy for viruses and diseases to attack.

Always bear in mind the important functions of the right kind of water in your body. Water is a vital component of all body fluids, tissues, cells, lymph, blood and glandular secretions. Water holds all nutritive factors in solution and acts as a transportation medium to the various parts of the body for these substances. The mucous membranes need plenty of water to keep them soft and free from friction on their delicate surfaces.

"Pure distilled water is truly God's greatest gift to us, a source of life and health."– Paul C. Bragg

Liquid is necessary for the proper digestion of food! The stomach acts as a powerful churn to break down food into tiny particles. Remember to chew your food thoroughly to help your stomach, for it has no teeth!

Water Flushes Toxins Out of the Body
One of the most important functions of water is to flush the toxins and salt from the body. Unfortunately, people the world over now consume large amounts of salt. However, from centuries ago to the present day, there are still many countries that have never known what salt is, and whose people are still healthy and happy. The Japanese are known to be the world's highest consumers of table salt (inorganic salt - sodium chloride). A Japanese farmer who lives to age 60 eats approximately 2 ounces of salt every day and filters up to 2,737.5 pounds or 1.36 tons of salt through his kidneys in his lifetime! This heavy salt intake hastens premature death!

Americans are not far behind the Japanese in the consumption of salt. Not only do Americans add plenty of salt to their foods, they also eat large amounts of ham, bacon, hot dogs, luncheon meats, corned beef, potato chips, salted nuts and many other foods with high concentrations of salt. No wonder heart disease is the No. 1 killer in America! Even people in their 30s and 40s suffer from high blood pressure, kidney trouble, arthritis and—the greatest of all killers—arteriosclerosis, the clogging of the arteries, veins and blood vessels! The proper amount and right kind of water helps to keep cholesterol levels down. Water is a great flushing agent.

The right kind of water is also Mother Nature's greatest beauty and health tonic! In our long careers as health and fitness advisors to Hollywood's famous stars of movies and TV, we have found that when we can persuade the stars to use the correct liquids they retain a more youthful face and figure longer than people who drink ordinary tap water. Pure water keeps the body's cells healthier and prevents dehydration. The face and neck remain more free of ageing lines and wrinkles, while the entire body retains its youthfulness longer!

The 70% Watery Human

The amount of water in the human body, averaging 70%, varies considerably and even from one part of the body to another area. A lean man may hold 70% of his weight in water, while a woman—because her larger proportion of water-poor fatty tissues—may be only 52% water. The lowering of the water's content in the blood is what triggers the hypothalamus, the brain's thirst center, to send out its familiar urgent demand for a drink of water.

Water Percentage in Various Body Parts

























Red blood cells





Water is Important to Superb Health
People who ingest a sufficient amount of the right kinds of liquids (distilled water, fresh fruits and vegetables and their juices) have better body functioning and circulation overall, which are most important to Super Health and Long Life. You have 15 billion powerful brain cells which are 74.5% water. We strongly believe the right kind of water in sufficient amounts helps improve your mind and brain power and makes you think better and more accurately! We also think that the excessively nervous and/or mentally upset person is so obsessed with his own worries and "hang-ups" that he just forgets to drink sufficient pure water. Instead, he dopes himself with alcohol, tea, coffee and cola drinks which only complicate his nervous condition by introducing burning, toxic acid into his stomach with no food or water to dilute it. So on top of his nervousness and depression, he suffers from heartburn, sour acid stomach, gas, bloating, enervation and low energy. In place of sufficient pure water, he again dopes up on stimulants, coffee, soft drinks, cigarettes, aspirin, antacids, etc. Remember that the nerves need the correct amount of water to function properly and smoothly. You can plainly see that it is possible to suffer from water starvation. Here is a simple way that you can help yourself to better health—the Natural Pure Water Way! The specific reason we wrote this book was to give you the knowledge to select the right kind and amount of water your body so desperately needs! Here is your invitation to enjoy the gift of Super Health, Longevity and Freedom from bodily miseries through following Mother Nature's and God's Eternal Laws combined with the powerful self-health knowledge you are reading. Shocking Mutations & Death from Polluted Water Must Stop! Deadly chemical pollution is not only mutating but killing millions of wildlife, fish, etc. worldwide. One USA example: Children in Minnesota discovered and caught frogs displaying horrible mutations, including eyes growing on their knees, four hind legs, etc. Scientists have now determined that unidentified toxic chemicals in the pond and ground water caused these terrible mutations!

Fluorine is a Deadly Poison

Millions upon millions of innocent people have been brainwashed by the aluminum companies to erroneously believe that adding sodium fluoride to our drinking water will reduce tooth decay in our children. Over 135 million Americans drink a daily dose of sodium fluoride in their water without thinking of it! Fluorine, the gangster of the chemical underworld, made the atomic bomb possible. The only scientific way to free the necessary quantities of fissionable Uranium 235, buried in the inert mass of its parent U-238, is to force uranium hexafluoride gas through many acres of porous barriers. The next part of the process gradually concentrates the elements, creating a deadly hazard from radiation. "Hex" is what they named this vicious stuff.

These 11 Associations Stopped Endorsing Water Fluoridation in 1996

  • American Heart Assoc.
  • American Academy of Allergy & Immunology
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Action Network
  • American Diabetes Assoc.
  • National Institute of Law Municipal Officers
  • American Chiropractic Assoc.
  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • Nat'l Kidney Foundation
  • American Psychiatric Assoc.
  • Soc. of Toxicology

Water and Its Effects On the Human Body

The Stones Within Us
The more we learned about biochemistry (life chemistry), the more we realized why so many people were prematurely old and suffering from pain throughout their bodies. During our visits to London's largest hospitals, we learned more about stones forming within the human body. Why do stones form in our bodies? What does this mean with regard to human health? The most common places to find such stones are in the gallbladder, the kidneys, the passageways between kidneys and bladder (known as the orators) and within the bladder itself. Another organ where stones are sometimes revealed by an X-ray is the pancreas. This is the glandular organ which lies behind the stomach and has both an internal and an external secretion. Stone formation anywhere in the body has always been regarded as a diseased condition. In our opinion, all these stones are formed by the unbalanced, acid, toxin-producing diet that most humans eat; further aggravated by the chemicalized, inorganically mineralized water they drink. Add to this the heavy concentrations of salt most people use, plus the tremendous amount of waxy cholesterol (saturated fats) ingested by the average person, then unhealthful conditions result! Unbalanced diets form toxic poisons which the body cannot metabolize or easily eliminate, so these toxins are formed into stones by the body's chemistry. Practically all drinking water contains the inorganic mineral calcium carbonate. This and other inorganic minerals and toxins play a part in the formation of stones within the body's organs.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Water – The Shocking Truth
-Pure Water is Required for Health
-The World’s Water Supply
-Water Goes On Forever
-The Endless Wonders of God-Given Water-
-Water Penetrates Everywhere
-The Hydrologic Cycle (Graphic)
-Hot Mineral Water Under California Desert
-Niagara Falls is Committing Slow Suicide
-Our Oceans and Seas
-Man Cannot Live Without Water
-The Five Big Health Builders
-Salt (Inorganic Sodium) is a Health Wrecker
-Why the Body Needs Pure Water
Water Flushes Toxins Out of the Body
-The 70% Watery Human (Graphic)
-Water is Important to Superb Health

Chapter 2: Black Death – Polluted Deadly Waters
-Water! Water! Everywhere – But Not a Safe Drop to Drink!
-Inorganic Versus Organic Minerals
-Dangerous Inorganic Minerals & Toxins in Drinking Water
-Fluorine is a Deadly Poison
-The Grim Story Behind Fluoridation
-Shocking Historical Fluoride Facts
-The Fluoridation Fiasco
-More Fluoride Warnings!
-More Shocking Fluoride Updates!
-Keep Toxic Fluoride Out of Your Water!
-Danger – Don’t Drink Wate with Sodium Fluoride
-We Live in a Sick, Sick World
-Few People Appreciate Health Until Lost
-Marvelous Mechanisms of the Body
-Autonomic Nervous System (Graphic)
-The Digestive System (Graphic)
-Hardening of the Arteries
-Normal Artery Compared to Clogged Artery (Graphic)
-Brains Turned to Stone
-Miracle Functions of the Human Brain (Graphic)
-Do You Show Signs of Premature Ageing? (Graphic)

Chapter 3: Paul C. Bragg’s Childhood
-Paul C. Bragg’s Early Experiences With Hard Water
-I Discover the Miseries Caused by Hard Water
-Millions Suffer With Joint Pain
-Seven Types of Joints (Graphic)
-T.B. in My Teens
-Locations in the Body Where Arthritis Pain and Misery Hit
-Boron – Miracle Trace Mineral for Healthy Bones
-The Secret of Rain and Snow Water
-The Answer to Healthful Living
-My First Two Cases
-General View of the Central Nervous System & Spine (Graphic)
-From Sickness to Superb Health
-Mother Nature’s Way
-The LaLannes and The Braggs (Graphic)
-Paul & Patricia Lift Weights (Graphic)

Chapter 4: Water & Its Effects on the Human Body
-The Stones Within Us
-Silent, Painless Gallstones May Become Noisy and Painful
-Apple Cider Vinegar Combats Gallstones
-Kidney Stones
-The Urinary System (Graphic)
-Don’t Drink Inorganic Mineralized Water
-Dolomite Tablets – Inorganic & Unhealthy
-What is Gout?
-The Three Arm Joints (Graphic)
-Healthful Ways to Alleviate Gout
-Four Types of Joint Movement (Graphic)
-Organic Fruits and Vegetables – Nature’s Finest
-Arthritis and Rheumatism
-Posture Chart (Graphic)
-Bragg Posture Exercise
-Health Hints for Aching Muscles and Joints
-The Bones of the Human Body (Graphic)
-Posture Silhouettes (Graphic)
-Don’t Let Your Brain Turn to Stone
-The Nervous System is the Communication Network of the Body
-Doomed to the Human Scrap Pile
-How the Brain Functions
-Adult Brain (Graphic)
-The Brain Needs High Quality Nutrition
-Neuron (Graphic)
-Organic Minerals are Essential to Life
-Organic Minerals Make the Man!
-Formula for Creating a Human Being
-The Body is Composed of Organic Minerals
-The Alkaline or Base-Forming Minerals
-Lower Respiratory System (Graphic)
-Inorganic Water Turns People to Stone
-Stone Lady Mystery Solved
-Bone Spurs and Moveable Joint Calcification
-Deposits in the Heel (Graphic)
-Do It Yourself Calcification Test
-Organic Calcium is Important for a Fit Heart
-New Info Regarding Calcium Requirements for Healthy Bodies
-Calcified Toenails and Fingernails
-Mineral Deposits in the Toes (Graphic)
-Inorganic Deposits Cause Bad Posture
-Ways to Walk, Sit and Lounge (Graphic)
-Water – The Curse of an Aching Back
-Proper Walking and Lifting Posture (Graphic)
-The Parade of the “Living Dead”
-Check Your Mattress (Graphic)
-Mankind is Sick & Growing Sicker
-Disfiguring Broken Capillaries
-Cold Feet and Cold Hands
-Clogged Pipes (Graphic)
-Stop Kidney Stones Cold
-Exercises for Healthy Feet
-Head Noises and Ringing in Ears
-The Human Ear (Graphic)
-Inorganic Minerals and Toxins Affect the Eyes
-Sectional View of the Right Eyeball (Graphic)
-Natural Foods Help Protect Your Eyes
-The Eye is Like A Camera (Graphic)
-Build Clean, Healthy Blood
-Diagram of the Circulatory System (Graphic)

Chapter 5: Organic Minerals
-Iron, the Oxygen Carrier of the Blood
-How Plants Do Their Miracle Work
-Iron Serves Four Distinct Purposes in Plants, Animals and Man
-Vegetables and Fruits are Good Sources of Iron
-Every Mineral Matters
-These Foods are Rich in Organic Minerals (Graphic)
-Beets for Longevity – Recipe for Beet-Veggie Soup
-Salt is a Slow but Sure Killer!
-Organic Sodium – Powerful Natural Solvent
-Misinformation About Killer Salt
-We Constantly Hear These Erroneous Statements About Salt
-Salt – a Harmful Preservative. Don’t Use It!
-The “Fad” of Drinking Sea Water
-Sea Salt is Inorganic Sodium (Salt)!
-Sea Kelp – Rich Minerals from the Sea
-Overweight and Dropsy
-The World’s Greatest Health Secret
-Fresh Juices are the Magic Cleansers
-Let Natural Food Be Your Medicine
-Re-Educating Your Taste Buds
-Eliminating Meat is Healthiest
-% of Calories from Vegetable Proteins (Chart)
-Avoid These Processed, Refined, Harmful Foods
-Benefits From the Joys of Fasting
-Fasting Cleanses, Renews and Rejuvenates
-Master Key to Internal Purification
-Fasting Brings Remarkable Results
-Food and Product Summary
-Enjoy Super Health with Natural Foods
-Healthy Beverages and Recipes
-Foods Naturally Rich in Vitamin E (Chart)

Chapter 6: The Water We Need For Health
-Drink Only Distilled Water
-What About Rain Water?
-How to Fight Hardening of the Arteries
-Stages of Artery Hardening (Graphic)
-We Drink Juices During Our World Health Crusades
-The Great Watermelon Flush
-Paul C. Bragg’s Prediction
-Life Expectancy – Life Span
-Exercise is Vital for Health and Longevity
-Keep Young Biologically with Exercise and Good Nutrition
-Be the Health Captain of Your Life!
-Comfort, Security and Happiness for You
-How Safe is Chlorinated Water?
-20 Facts about Distilled Water
-Prevention is Always Better than a Cure
-Our Bodies Can Only Endure So Much and Still Survive
-Perpetual Youthfulness Can Be Yours!
-Bragg Blessings to you our Health Friend!
-Uncomplicate Your Life

Chapter 7: Special Supplement
-A New Era of Personal Ecology
-Biochemists Shocked by Lab Tests
-Poisoned By Food and Water
-Amino Acids are Vital to Life
-Heavy Metals Murder Amino Acids
-“Plastic” Food Removes Vital Amino Acids
-Protective Action in Personal Ecology
-What Can We Do to Protect Ourselves?
-Political Action for Permanent Ecology
-What Can One Person Do?
-Let’s Clear Up Some Confusion
-What is “Pure Water”?
-What is Distilled Water?
-Drinking Safe Water
-How Drinking Water Affects Your Health
-Total Dissolved Solids and Chronic Disease
-High Blood Pressure and Drinking Water
-Water Softeners + Sodium = Trouble
-The Sad Truth About Chlorination
-Cancers and Chlorination
-Can Miscarriages & Birth Defects Be Caused By Tap Water?
-Dangerous Chemicals in Our Drinking Water
-Fluoride and Cancer
-Home Water Distillation and Filtration Systems
-Deadly Chemical Cocktails
-The Human Cell is Immortal
-Organic Minerals Are Essential to Health
-Distilled Water Acts as a Cleansing Solvent in the Body
-Pure Water is the Greatest Life-Giver!
-Pure Water – Essential for Health
-Warning – Milk and its Dangers!
-Skin Absorbs Water, Toxins and All!
-Toxic Exposure From Showers
-Five Hidden Dangers in Your Shower
-Showers, Toxic Chemicals & Chlorine
-Don’t Gamble With Your Health
-Total Health for the Total Person
-Ten Reasons Why You Should Drink Distilled Water
-Praises for: Water – The Shocking Truth
-Questions and Answers
-Urgent Health Alert!
-Recommended – Water Research Reading
-From the Authors – Go Organic


Thou shalt respect and protect thy body as the highest manifestation of life.
Thou shall abstain from all unnatural, devitalized food and stimulating beverages.
Thou shall nourish thy body with only Natural unprocessed, live foods, that . .
Thou shall extend thy years in health for loving, charitable service.
Thou shall regenerate thy body by the right balance of activity and rest.
Thou shall purify thy cells, tissue and blood with healthy foods, pure
fresh air and sunshine.
Thou shall abstain from all food when out of sorts in mind or body.
Thou shall keep all thoughts, words and emotions pure, calm and uplifting.
Thou shall increase thy knowledge of Nature's Laws, follow them, and enjoy the fruits of thy life's labor.
Thou shall lift up thyself, friends and family by obedience to God's Healthy, Pure Laws of living.

– Paul C. Bragg and Patricia

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