IqAir Faq's

To determine whether you need to change your IQAIR air filters, plug in the machine and turn on the fan. Once the system is on, look for a red colored light that indicates which filter needs to be changed. The filter life indicator LEDs signal four possible stages in the life of the filter:
1. Green: The filter is still within 80% of its estimated life span.
2. Orange: The filter is approaching the last 20% of its estimated life span.
3. Red: The filter has reached the end of its estimated life span.
4. Red Blinking: The filter has passed its estimated life span and should be replaced immediately. The IQAir® system's effectiveness is likely to have been reduced dramatically, either due to a reduction in airflow (particle filters are clogged) or a reduction in filter efficiency (gas phase filter is saturated).
Whenever your IQAir room air cleaner is on, the color of the filter life LEDs (light emitting diodes) indicates the state of the individual filters in the system. The positions of the filter life LEDs on the control panel correspond to the actual positions
of the filters within the system. The F1 light corresponds to the Premax Pre-filter, the F2 light corresponds to the V5 Cell filter, and the F3 light corresponds to the HyperHEPA filter. An example would be if the F2 light is red, that would indicate their V5 filter needs to be changed.