Why I love my OmGym

Why I love my OmGym by Blue Dunn

The Om Gym apparatus is a very simple, light-weight, easily transported, and easy to set up Full-Body Exercise System.
This can be set up in a door frame with 2 eye bolts secured into the solid horizontal top of the door frame.
It can also be set up on a tree branch, a horizontal bar at a playground, an overhead exposed ceiling beam, or secured with eye bolts into a secure ceiling joist.
This Tool is a wonderful Self-Maintenance Tool that will certainly appeal to the Monkey in you.
As a rule, my Exercise advice is “to do whatever a Monkey would do” for playful fun. Another example of this is using a Rebounder, or tossing a Medicine Ball, something any Monkey would be more than happy to play with.
Forget all the crazy Type A Exercises created by “logical humans”, like all the machines at the gym, running, cycling, tread mills and stair masters…no self-respecting Monkey, or any other Sane and Natural Animal, would be caught dead using any of that linear, repetitive, exercise or equipment which only can wreak havoc on your Structural Body.
There are almost an infinite number of ways you can work on your body with the Om Gym. Every time I use it I discover new positions and new ways of using it, using the pain and tension in my body as a Guide, and my Intuition as my Teacher.
You can very effectively, safely, and comfortably get yourself inverted in a variety of ways, giving you the opportunity to take advantage of this foundational aspect of Rejuvenation. The positive benefits gained from regular Inversion Therapy are many and profound in their affects on the body. In my opinion, and from my own personal experience, I know Inversion to be a very important component to achieving total Health and Fitness.
Many ways of loosening, mobilizing, and strengthening are possible in dozens of variations, using the sling part of the OM Gym and through the use of the adjustable handles and straps. You can address the pain and tension throughout your musculature and your joints in novel ways possible only with this ingenious apparatus. This can be accomplished:

  • from a seated position on the sling,
  • from a kneeling position on the sling,
  • from a standing position, facing toward or facing away from the Om Gym,
  • from a kneeling position, again facing toward or away from the Om Gym,
  • with one leg in the sling; allowing phenomenal loosening of the hip joints and spine

The fitness possibilities with this Self-Maintenance Tool are enough to satisfy the most sincere Fitness Seeker. The beauty of it is that allows for a necessary Loosening of the Musculature and a Mobilizing of the Skeletal Joints, while enabling a righteous holistic Strengthening to take place throughout the entire body. The simplicity and versatility of the Om Gym makes it a unique and highly desirable Tool to add to your Home Gym.

Any monkey would be thrilled to have an Om Gym added to their exercise area, and image fits in quite nicely to my theories about exercise physiology. Those theories involve creating a functional animal body as opposed to creating a non-functional gym body. Learning how to use this Self-Maintenance Tool will get you moving in the right direction.

I love my Om Gym and I highly recommend the Om Gym to the serious Health and Fitness Seeker, knowing it will take your bodily experience of functional Flexibility and functional Strength, to a whole new Positive Level! 
Yours for Health, Blue Dunn