Infrared Saunas vs Traditional Saunas

There are many health and economical benefts that infra-red saunas have over traditional Sauna that include pre-heat time, the overall heating method, space requirements and ease of installation. 

Faster Warm-up Time - An infrared sauna can heat up to operating temperature in as little as 30 minutes, where as traditional saunas can often take more than an hour. This also helps save energy. 

Affordable - lower installed cost than traditional sauna, hot tub (spa), sweat lodge, or steam room. 

Easy to Install - An infrared sauna can be installed in under an hour by any homeowner. No special tools, plumbing or electrical work are required. 

Energy Efficient - Infrared saunas consume far less energy than a conventional sauna, hot tub, or steam bath. A typical infrared sauna consumes about the same amount of power as a vacuum cleaner. The energy demands a traditional sauna uses are far more than an infrared sauna. A typical session in an infrared sauna usually costs mere pennies. Compare that to the multi kilowatt usage the large heater in a traditional sauna uses.

Comfort and Safety - Conventional saunas operate an extremely high temperatures which may be unsafe for the very young or elderly. Further, surfaces in a traditional sauna can reach temperatures that can cause burns. Infrared saunas achieve the same benefits at far lower operating temperatures. Due to the harsh operating conditions in a traditional sauna, a sound system to enjoy while your are relaxing in your sauna is out of the question. On the other hand, you can enjoy your favorite music in an infrared sauna. 

Cleanliness - A traditional 'wet sauna' typically involves very high humidity levels that create an ideal environment for the growth of mold and mildew. Infrared saunas are much cleaner. 
The ideal temperature of traditional saunas reach temperatures of up to 190F. This can leave the air hot and dry which requires the user to constantly pour water over the rocks which humidifies the air. Infrared technology operates at a mere 110-140F and does not require any special effort to keep the humidity at a desired level.

Compact and Space Efficient - Infrared saunas are elegant and can be installed just about anywhere. 
Traditional Saunas are usually bulky and require massive amounts of space to fit the very large stove. Infrared Saunas often come portable and can fit in an area as small as a 4x4 space.

Easy to Disassemble - If you ever move to a new home, simply pack up your infrared sauna and take it with you to your new location. Conventional saunas are usually a permanent installation.

Far Infrared-The method in which heat energy is transferred between the 2 is also very different. Traditional Saunas must heat the air around the person, which in turn heats the person after the air is sufficiently heated. Infrared has superior technology that directly heats the person, not the air around him/her, providing almost 2-3 times the amount of perspiration.Learn more about FAR INFRARED (FIR)