Sauna Buyer's Guide

Infrared Sauna Buyer's Guide

As a distributor of infrared saunas, we have done business with many of the companies that you may have come across online. We try to align ourselves with companies that share our same values. Don't get us wrong, there are several companies out there that stand by there product and are reputable that we may not have necessarily done business with, but there are far more that do not fall into this category. We have experienced many frustrating moments with several of these suppliers, and it has always comes down to less than satisfying customer support. We also like to provide as much information as we can about the infrared technology including the differences between ceramic heaters and fiber carbon heaters.

BUYER BEWARE! There are so many places to choose from to purchase a sauna, and I can understand the furstration and confusion that come come with that. We believe in being upfront with our customers and holding ourselves and the manufacturers accountable for their claims. Most of the infrared saunas that are on the market are made in China. The suppliers/distributors that you will encounter in the US obtain their saunas from these manufactuers in China and just relabel it as their own including trying to differentiate their heaters by implying it is a special, exclusive technology. This is almost never the case, just a way to lure customers into spending more money.

We have tried to find manufacturers in the US, but have only encountered two. Unfortunately, they only specialize in ceramic heaters and price their saunas 3 to 4 times higher than most. While we think they have a high quality product,the price is just really priced a lot higher than a comparable unit that is manufactured in China. We believe in supporting made in the US products and will not compromise on this when it comes to our food supplements. The saunas that we carry are from reputable manufacturers in China and ahhere to the safety standards in North America, Canada and the European Union.

Many companies will advertise special heaters calling them different names and saying they are the bestin the industry. Don't be fooled. The fiber carbon heaters are all the same technology as most of the saunas out there are manufacturered in China. There is no difference in the fiber carbon heaters. We happen to carry the CarbonWave360 saunas because we believe these are good quality units and their level of customer support aligns with our high expectations. They do advertise special heaters, but we do not want to mislead our customers. The CarbonWave360saunas, along with our luxury and deluxe saunas have larger heating panels than most of the other saunas. The surface area of heat is an important number to look at.

We carry a variety of quality saunas that can accomodate to fit most people's budgets. We never try to gouge our customer by inflating our prices, so we don't mark our saunas up too much. Whenever we get a discount from our supplier we will pass that along to our customers.  This means you will get the best possible deal we can give you and in these tough economic times health is your most valuable asset.

We maintain close contact with the manufacturers of our infrared saunas in China so as to ensure that any quality issues or warranty issues are brought to their attention. We also do this to hold our supplier accountable for their advertising claims and to make sure they adhere to the warranty. We want to make sure our customers are covered from every angle.

You can rest assured that we will provide you with outstanding customer service and superior after sales support and we will always be upfront about what we can and cannot offer.

The difference between the different Infrared Saunas at EvolutionHealth

We offer a wide range of saunas to fit almost any budget. Our Luxury infrared saunas are the top of the line and have larger commercial grade fiber carbon heating panel than any of the other saunas. Also, our Luxury saunas are larger with deeper and wider benches.

Our deluxe saunas are just one step below our luxury line and still have large commercial grade fiber carbon heating panels than most other saunas on the market. The come equipped with floor heaters, portable back rests, and color therapy lights.

Both our Luxury and Family series saunas are available in Red Cedar, our basic series are only available in hemlock wood.

Our affordable/basic line of saunas are an economical option to our our luxury an deluxe line of saunas. They still feature commercial grade carbon heaters.

Red Cedar or Hemlock Wood?

Red cedar is an attractive aromatic wood. More expensive than hemlock, Red Cedar is a lightweight but very strong wood. It is decay resistant and resists cracks better than other woods. If you have an allergy or sensitivity to the natural oils found in cedar wood please see our hemlock saunas. Please note that cedar oil can be a lung irritant and cedar saunas are not recommended for those with asthmas or allergies.

Hemlock wood is able to maintain a higher temperature than other woods. Hemlock planks have good stability, the wood is naturally resistant to warping and wear. No odor. 100% hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

Capacity and Dimension

Each model is designed to either fit one, two, three or more people. The most common size is for two people since this model can easily fit anywhere in the house. Make sure to compare the dimension of the sauna rather than the capacity. As a general tip, the minimum width for a 1-person sauna is 35" inches, 42" inches for a 2-person sauna and 63" inches for a 3-person sauna.

Watch out for: Some sauna resellers will advertise a 2-person or 3-person sauna at an unbelievably low price; however, the sauna dimension is far smaller then the recommended size.

Heating Surface Area

Power wattage itself is not sufficient to evaluate a sauna's performance. For example, most 2-person infrared saunas run between 1600-1700 watts. However, a 3,000 square inches heating surface area and a 4,000 square inches heating surface area will give you a completely different heating results. The larger the heating surface, the faster it heats up with more even heat distribution. It is a big plus if the sauna has floor heating panels, which keeps your feet warm.

Type of Heaters

There are a few types of infrared heaters.

  • Ceramic heaters are made out of ceramic tubes.
    Pros: Low cost; small overall volume.
    Cons: High surface temperature (over 300°); uneven heat distribution; hard to replace.
  • Mica heaters are made out of mica rocks.
    Pros: Even heat distribution; low surface temperature.
    Cons: Hard surface and easily cracked; Cracks are not visible to the human eye.
  • Carbon heaters are made from carbon fiber glass.
    Pros: Even heat distribution; low surface temperature; flexible; used in most medical devices.
    Cons: Unknown.

Material Selection

Almost all infrared sauna suppliers claim their saunas are made with 100% Hemlock Fir or Red Cedar. The truth is many saunas are only "covered up" by the claimed wood, while the insides are filled in with low quality wood. In addition, compare the thickness of the wall and the tempered glass because these are the key factors to insulation and heat up time. The wood thickness also helps with the overall durabilty of your sauna.

Watch out for: Some sauna factories paint the outside of their saunas with different colors (e.g. dark brown, black) to cover up the lower wood quality. Only buy a colored sauna when it is important to match the overall decor and the wood quality is not a deciding factor.

Last but not least

Customer Service

Many customers reported that after buying a sauna from an online retailer, it was almost impossible to get any customer service and support. We've experienced similar problems on our research specially trying to order replacement parts. You can rest assured that Evolution Health will deal with any issues promptly and to your satisfaction. We will not rest unitl you are satisfied and we will respond to your email inquires during our after hours and weekends. We have been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years and we pride ourselved in our integrity and responsibility to our customers. You will find it easy to get a hold of us and if are unable to immediately reach us by phone we will get back to you in a timely manner. Will will usually repsond to email inquiries in our after hours and on the weekend. We will answer your questions as compeletely and honestly as we can. We will treat you the way we expect to be treated, with the fullest respect that you deserve. The founder of our company is fully accessible and enjoys interacting with our customers, he does water therapy at the Warm Mineral Springs and you are more than welcome to stop by and say hi and enjoy the healing waters.