Infrared Heat vs High Heat

Difference between Infrared Saunas Heat vs Traditional Saunas High Heat

Infrared vs. High Heat

FeatureInfraredHigh Heat
How it works infrared heater steam heater
Proven benefits pain relief, detoxification, increased circulation, weight loss, lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, cellulite removal no data
Maintenance nominal extensive
Mold and mildew No Yes
Warm up time less than 30 minutes about an hour
Sweat analysis 80% water, 20% toxins 97% water, 3% toxins
Fresh air circulation allowed allowed
Assembly time less than an hour Days/weeks for pre cut or custom, less than an hour for modular.
Electrical cost around $10 a month can double your power bill
Medical use used by physicians no data
Heat dry, gentle, radiant harsh, claustrophobic, humid
Stereo music AM/FM CD player Included AM/FM CD player optional
Portability all models some models
Are the lower temperatures in an infra-red sauna still effective?

An infrared sauna may allow for up to three times the sweat volume produced compared to a traditional sauna. Far infrared technology is thought to be seven times more effective at detoxifying metals such as mercury and aluminium, as well as cholesterols, nicotine, alcohol, ammonia, sulphuric acid and other environmental toxins when compared to conventional heat, or steam saunas. In an infrared Sauna, the therapeutic operating temperature is much cooler, 104°-140°F compared to a traditional sauna which requires temperatures of 158°-194°F. This is important because one can withstand longer therapy sessions, resulting in increased sweat production.