Benefits of Bodyslant inversion therapy (also known as slanting)

With the help of a bodyslant slant board you can redirect gravity's force to your benefit in a comfortable and safe way.

Versatile: The bodyslant may be used for simple relaxation or as an exercise aid to increase muscular resistance. It also aids beauty treatments, stress reduction, health maintenance, and meditation.

Holistic: Slanting offers a natural method for restoring mechanical alignment and balance. 

Efficient: The bodyslant slant board can provide rest equivalent to two hours' sleep in just 15 minutes. As an added timesaver, a slant session may be combined with other leisure activates such as watching television, listening to music, reading or talking on the telephone.

How long should each session last?

To obtain optimal results, it's recommended that you set aside a minimum of 15 minutes to close your eyes, regulate your breathing and enjoy total relaxation on your slantboard. Even if you can't always spare a full 15 minutes, five or six is sufficient to bring rapid relief form gravity's pull on your muscles, spine, and circulation.) Once you have become completely comfortable with the elevated angle, you may find that 20-30 minutes allows you to enjoy a deeper state of relaxation.

When should you slant?

To ensure consistent use, try to set aside the same time each day for your personal relaxation. A minimum of two daily sessions, spaced several hours apart, is suggested. As you begin to notice a dramatic improvement in the way you look and feel---usually within thirty days---you will probably want to take more frequent slant breaks to maintain a sense of well-being.

How does Slanting benefit overall health?

Reversing gravity's pull on your body with the aid of the bodyslant slant board not only gives your outward appearance a lift--it does wonderful things for your internal health as well. Here are just a few of the physiological benefits you receive when you assume the head-lower position:

  • Blood is directed to the head by its own weight instead of having to be pumped upward by the heart
  • Scalp and facial skin receive a revitalizing blood bath
  • Sinus cavities (with openings on the upper side) are allowed to drain properly.
  • Natural balance is restored to the body
  • Abdominal organs are "lifted" back into proper position.
  • Feet and legs are freed from their customary burden of supporting body weight.
  • Nervous fatigue dissolves into a pleasant feeling of relaxation.
  • Postural alignment is improves; the chest area expands to allow room for the heart and lungs to work freely.
  • Spinal column is supported, back muscles relaxed, and the lumbar curve flattened (in certain positions).
  • Blood flows more freely to the muscles of the chin, throat and cheeks, helping to maintain their firmness.

I have never found a person who did not have some prolapsus, therefore, I have never found a person who did not need a slanting board. Every patient of mine uses a board, or he is not my patient.
-Dr. Bernard Jensen 
You Can Master Disease

Dr. Bernard Jensen became a leading advocate of slanting after discovering its benefits first-hand in the early 1930's. At the age of 25, Dr. Jensen contracted a series rectal and lower bowel ailment which developed into a life threatening crisis. In Dr. Jensen's book You Can Master Disease, he describes how he overcame the problem. "This great need of min, during this illness, showed me the value in the use of the slanting board. I found, through necessity, one of the greatest means of correcting our health problems and help in maintaining a healthy body."

Nature's lift

One of the most pernicious penalties the body must pay in response to gravitational pressure is prolapse of the abdominal organs (bladder, kidneys, intestine, prostate gland...). When continuously subjected to gravity's downward drag, these organs gradually become displaced within the abdominal/pelvic cavity, creating pressure on one another without adequate circulation, further inhibiting the organs from receiving sufficient blood supply for nourishment, repair and healthy functioning.

This creates numerous health problems, including hernias, rectal and colon disorders, diaphragm pressure, kidneys and bladder ailments, and stagnant conditions of the bowel. Sluggishness in this area eventually affects all parts of the body, thereby threatening our overall state of health. In Females, prolapse of the reproductive organs (ovaries, uterus, etc.) presents additional problems.

One of the greatest benefits from regular use of the bodyslant is this that it relieves the pressure of prolapsed organs. The late Dr. Bernard Jensen is one of the many physicians who routinely recommended slanting as a therapeutic measure to counter prolapsus. "Consistent use of the slanting board, everyday, forces these prolapsed organs back into their proper position and eliminates the various disorders that have been caused by prolapsus, Of the one condition, the slanting board is absolutely invaluable."

A boost for brain power

While it represents just two to three percent of total body mass, the human brain requires three times more oxygen than the rest of the body. It's essential, therefore, to maintain a good supply of oxygen-rich blood to the brain at all times- particularly for those brain functions which are linked to blood flow (memory, concentration, alertness and motor skills).

A series of experiments conducted by Dr. Donald Laird at Colgate University revealed that when the head is lower than the feet, as in the bodyslant position, the brain functions seven percent faster and fourteen percent more efficiently.

How does slanting compare with hanging?

Zero gravity devices such as gravity boots, pelvic racks, inversion swings, inversion tables and other total inversion devices may not be for everyone. Total inversion therapy (90 degree angle) is contraindicated in those with high blood pressure, bone disease, detached retinas, certain esophagus problems and spinal fusion surgery. 

Slanting, however, has been time-proven and tested by countless users of all ages and is generally considered to be a safe, gentle way to relieve gravitational stress and restore physiological balance. Unlike total inversion devices, the bodyslant requires NO RADICAL CHANGE in your body's position relative to gravity's pull, thereby reducing the possibility of sudden stress or discomfort. The moderate elevation of just 14 inches enables you to obtain maximum results with minimum effort!