Benefits of Inversion Therapy Part 4

Inversion Can Help with Workout Recovery
The process of building muscle occurs when muscle fibers are torn down and replaced with more and better cells. After a workout, thousands of destroyed cells need to be trucked away to make room for new growth. Inversion helps to increase lymph flow, which gets rid of the wastes more rapidly and allows the body to focus on building new muscle tissue. Athletes prone to stiffness or muscle spasms after a workout can benefit from the lymphatic wash provided by inversion. Intense muscle activities cause a build up of large amounts of lactic acid and carbon dioxide, which results in sore muscles. The faster this waste is cleared, the faster the pain and stiffness disappear. During a high-impact workout, your joints and especially discs will lose fluid, resulting in a temporary height loss of up to 0.5" - 0.75"! Inversion has been proven to increase intervertebral separation, which reduces the pressure on the discs and helps them to re-hydrate. Decompressed joints are able to recover faster for better shock absorption and reduced pain.

Inversion Helps Strengthen Ligaments
Ligaments are fibrous, collagen-filled strips of tissue that hold your bones together. Ligaments are flexible but not very elastic, and can tear when they endure sudden strain or are stretched too far. Mobilization and gentle loading of ligaments can help to increase the collagen content of the tissue, which results in increased ligament strength7. Inverted stretching and exercise provides gentle reverse loading and mobilization of the spine and weight-bearing joints, helping to strengthen the fibrous structure encasing these joints. Strong ligaments and muscles are vital for proper joint support, helping to protect the athlete from injury.

A Final Thought
The constant pull of gravity has the single most harmful effect on the joints and spinal discs. Used sensibly, inversion is extremely beneficial, and no more dangerous than many other popular and widely practiced fitness activities. Sometimes there’s an explanation for why inversion works and sometimes there isn’t.
The experience of thousands of people who invert regularly is that it gives them the relief from back pain they’ve been looking for. Just as important, they gain the rejuvenating effects of inversion on the entire body, providing health benefits far beyond the relief of back pain.

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