Bodyslant Testimonials

"The simplest way I have found to relax my body is when I am in the BodySlant Position."

-Gaylord Hauser

"My BodySlant is the most ingenious invention for helping me to maintain vibrant health!"

-Dr. N.W. Walker

"My body thanks me every time I use my BodySlant. It's the ideal way to balance gravity's pull."

-Dr. Paavo Airola

"The BodySlant is an integral part of my everyday health, fitness, and beauty practices."

-Dr. Susan Smith Jones

"Gravity is nature, and with my wonderful BodySlant, my body is always in tune with nature."

Dr. Paul C. Bragg

"I use my BodySlant to improve blood circulation to the most vital organ in my body - my brain."

-Dr. Marsh Morrison

"I didn't realize the value of reversing gravity on my body until I began using my BodySlant."

-Dr. Ann Wigmore

"I know lying on my BodySlant a few minutes a day is essential for a total wellness program."

-Dr. Bernard Jensen

"To relax my mind and rejuvenate my body, I like using my BodySlant as another fine Touch For Health."

-Dr. John F. Thie