BodySlant: Newton slant board

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Dark Gray
Teal Blue

Newton Bodyslant

Suitable for most people 6' tall or under. It converts into five useful positions. It folds in half for keeping as a handy hassock (to sit or rest your legs on); or for standing upright (out of the way). It can easily be carried in a car, or taken room to room.


Compensating for Gravity's pull on the human body, with the aid of the modern BodySlant, is extremely safe and comfortable for everyone. Indeed, it's as easy as laying on a bed — because that's what it is-a super-firm, multifunctional, piece of furniture.

Letting the Law of Gravity work for you from time to time) instead of against you (all the time) is the natural tilt of the BodySlant. For long-standing people, however, the buoyant-like sensation of calmly resting on the BodySlant, and literally staying on top of gravity, is inexpressible.

Only by stretching-out your body on the BodySlant (with your head lower than your heart - and your feet higher than your heart) can you actually fathom THE BODYSLANT EXPERIENCE for yourself.

Treat yourself to a TEN-MINUTE BODYSLANT BREAK/ It's the perfect way to relax, reduce, and rejuvenate on the BodySlant.

To be sure: If you sit, stand and think on your feet all day (and sleep with your head propped up on a pillow all night), your body will definitely be inclined on taking a TEN-MINUTE BODYSLANT BREAK.

If your present practices for uplifting your mind and body overlook dealing with the low-down force of Gravity in your life, you'll absolutely go head-over-heels (mentally and physically) every time you take a TEN-MINUTE BODYSLANT BREAK.

For Your Enlightenment: Slant boards have been popular in the natural health and beauty fields for many years. The BodySlant works on the same principal as a slant board. And, as recommended by slant board advocates, the height of the BodySlant (both models) in the slant position is 14 inches. Laying on the BodySlant is a passive position. It's a lazy way to perk up you youth and vitality. Still, if inverting your body is a topsy-turvy concept to you, you may wish to seek the advise of a wellness expert before you begin. But, you can't escape Gravity's pitfalls on this planet. And the BodySlant, in this light, is certainly user friendly for everyone.
Upsetting Gravity's Grip: It's normal to fall asleep on the Newton Bodslant. Just listen to your body - and you can stay as long as you're comfortable. To regenerate quickly after mental, physical and emotional activities (or to feel invigorated before engaging in such activities) are the best times to use your BodySlant. Taking a nap on the BodySlant, anytime you feel rundown, is one habit you'll enjoy. You can use your BodySlant on the floor, or on top of a bed or couch. For the lounge positions, of both models, the back sections must rest against a solid object. The super high density foam (which supports 400 lbs.) makes the BodySlant an ideal futon-type furniture.


The BodySlant has a TEN-YEAR WARRANTY. Any breakdown in material or craftsmanship during this time will be repaired by Evolution Health. Inside the BodySlant is extremely firm and durable polyurethane foam. Outside the BodySlant is decorator poplin fabric. the BodySlant cushions (3 on Newton, 5 on Einstein) are sewn together to make a one piece cover. To change positions you simply flip the cushions over (or under) one another.  Each cushion has it's own zipper. And the quality, dirt resistant fabric is machine washable. However, spot cleaning, with regular rubbing alcohol, is best and easiest, as removing the dense foam from each section can be difficult for some. If you do wish to wash the cover, make sure you do let air dry to avoid shrinkage or dry clean. The BodySlant is shipped in a clear, rugged plastic bag that folds to pocket size (to be kept for transporting your BodySlant).

Why our bodyslant?

Slant Board inversion therapy was first made popular by Dr Bernard Jensent.

Evolution Health and Fitness is proud to be able to bring the BodySlant Board invented by Larry Jacobs from Age In Reverse back to the marketplace. We own the exclusive trademark rights to the Bodyslant. We have kept to Larry Jacob's original design and manufacturing process and maintained the same high quality and safety standards to bring you the very best.

We stand by our product 100%. Beware of imitations, trust only the original BodySlant trademarked product made by



The Newton bodyslant's ease of use makes it a great choice for anyone of any physcial ability. Whether you are athletic or disabled you will find the Newton Bodyslant gentle and safe to use while giving you all the benefits of inversion therapy.

The Newton Bodyslant is a great alternative to the yoga swing, inversion swing or inversion tables. Most people may find hanging at a 90 degree intimidating. A yoga swing or inversion swing requires a certain level of flexibility and physical fitness to get in an out of it. An inversion table can be heavy to move around and most people find they don't have the space for it. Also, hanging by your ankles may be uncomfortable and is not good for those with joint problems or those who have had hip replacement or knee replacement.

The newton bodyslant can convert into 5 positions including an ottoman, so it can be part of your home furniture.You will be more likley to use your inversion equipment if you don't have to store it in a closet or garage after use. As they say "out of sight, out of mind"!



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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Lori
03/27/2014 - 03:19:59 PM
Recommended by my chiro
I had been using this for a few months at my Chiropractor's office and decided to get my own. It's well worth the small investment in your health. My back feels better and I feel more energetic.
Reviewed by Jem30
08/14/2013 - 12:34:38 PM
Best inversion product out there
I am grateful to have found this product. I have used gravity boots, inversion tables, and Yoga swings, but the Bodyslant is the best I've tried. It doesn't put any pressure on my ankles and it's easy to use. I use it everyday and then use it as a foot rest in the living room. Thank you for making this product!
Reviewed by sandman
06/10/2013 - 04:53:00 PM
my favorite inversion product
I used to have an inversion table, but I think the Bodyslant is better for me.
It doesn't take up a lot of space and gives me the same relief that I was getting from the inversion table. The inversion table was a bit uncomfortable since you are hanging by your ankles. I use the Bodyslant everyday.
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