Silica Ionic Mineral

Silica Ionic Mineral
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Silica is an essential collagen productio and calcium management mineral. We are born with high silica to calcium ratios and as we age silica levels drop, creating the physical effects of aging.  

Silica is essential for:
-Strong, healthy bones, teeth and gums
-Vertigo relief
-Accelerated wound healing
-Hair, skin, and nail integrity
-Burn relief and healing
-Collagen production
-Gastro-intestinal health
-Strong and flexible ateries
-Prevention and reversal of osteoporosis and arthritis

  Of all the minerals important for good health, silica is by far the most underrated and misunderstood mineral of all. It is the seventh most prevalent element in human tissue after calcium.  Research done in the 1970's by Dr. Edith Carlisle at the UCLA School of Public Health affirmed without any doubt the extreme importance of silica.
Her research, performed at the UCLA School of Public Health, showed silica to be essential in collagen formation and connective tissue strength. Collagen is the tough fibrous material which holds us together and is the major component of everything from our bones to our skin. Supplementation with this essential element may improve or alleviate many of the following diverse symptoms:
1. Calcium deposits on bone, in joints, and in soft tissues (calcium mismanagement).

2. Teeth and gum disease, and structural failure.

3. Gastrointestinal problems such as acid indigestion, acid reflux, and Crohn's disease.

4. Arthritis symptoms primarily associated with osteoarthritis.

5. Osteoporosis - silica helps the body deposit calcium into bone rather than into areas it shouldn't be.  ....More importantly, silica helps maintain proper bone collagen levels; giving bones greater flexibility.

6. Arteriosclerosis - studies have shown that hardened arteries are high in calcium and low in silica.  ....Healthy, flexible arteries are high in silica and low in calcium.

7. Skin, hair and nail disorders.
This is a diverse list, yet there is a common thread running through them all — proper collagen production. Eidon manufactures and distributes the finest liquid silica available anywhere.

Silica is the combination of the 2 most common elements on the planet – Oxygen and Silicon. Some scientists hypothesize that we could just as easily have been a Silicon based organism as a Carbon based organism. Two functions have been identified for Silicon. It is the primary Calcium management element and is responsible for making sure calcium is not stored in any locations other than bone. Without Silica, the body will store calcium (of which most of us get too much of ) in areas like, artery walls, joints, organs and soft tissue. The second Silicon role is in collagen formation. The physical manifestation of aging is the inability of the body to reproduce collagen the way we could in our 20’s and 30’s. This leads to wrinkles, loss of flexibility, porosity of bones, digestive problems, arthritis and many other issues associated with aging. We feel Silica is the most natural and effective supplement on the market today to reverse or eliminate, arthritis, GI tract disorders, and osteoporosis. Silica is also known to enhance appearance of hair, skin and nails.

What is Eidon Silica Mineral Supplement
by Fred Elsner, Chief Chemist, Eidon, Inc.

Eidon Silica Mineral Supplement is a solution of silicic acid, Si(OH)4 in water - the concentration of which is approximately 2.5% by weight (measured as silica, SiO2). Silicic acid is absorbed in the human gastrointestinal (GI) tract and transported throughout the body where it is used in the production and maintenance of collagen and connective tissue. Animal studies have demonstrated that silica is an essential trace element and that a deficiency of silica in the diet can produce dramatic bone and cartilage abnormalities.

Silicic acid is stable in solution at very low concentrations, but will combine to form oligomers at higher concentrations (above - 100ppm) as shown in the following chemical equation:

silica minerals

Note that there is an equilibrium condition between silicic acid and oligomers which means that as silicic acid is removed (i.e. absorbed by the GI tract), the remaining oligomers break down to form additional silicic acid. In this way, Eidon Silica Mineral Supplement will provide as much silicic acid as the body demands. The particle size of the oligomers is less than 10 nanometers which allows them to be readily dispersed in solution. Eidon's Silica has a faint bluish haze, owing to the tendency of these small particles to form larger agglomerates, which can nonetheless be easily broken down to silicic acid. The bluish haze is created because of the tendency of silica oligomers to reflect the blue portion of the visible light spectrum, similar to air or water molecules. During the production of Eidon's Silica the pH is adjusted to be very close to neutral and typically lies in the range of pH=7-8 (the typical pH of tap water, eggs or crackers). Silicic acid is completely non-toxic.



The Eidon Difference: Large doses are used in solid supplements becuase most of the mineral is not absorbed. Eidon Minerals are 100% bioavailable. It is not necessary to take large doses in order to be effective.


Symptoms of Deficiency:

Some of the most common symptoms of deficiency are brittle nails, loss of hair, poor skin quality, Osteoporosis, Arthritis and stomach ailments.

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