Flextasy! Review by The Light Connection


The Light Connection 

April 2003

Flextasy! The Functional Flexibility System by Blue Dunn

As time passes, we all at some point become aware of physical symptoms that seem to have no cause other than "getting old".

Flextasy is Blue Dunn's Remedy ( or preventative medicine) for the stiffness we associate with aging. He says we need to move every which way we can! These 50-plus exercises can turn back your structural aging clock, and they are money-back guaranteed to keep you supremely flexible for the rest of your life. And Flexibility is the basis for true health, he points out. 

The movements integrate structural awareness and correct breathing into adaptations of yoga asanas, martial arts moves, and calisthenics exercises. The first video offers an assortment of relatively simple and gentle movements accessible to anyone with normal flexibility; the second presents a more challenging routine. Each movement is demonstrated and thoroughly explained. 

Blue notes that most people concerned about physical aging engage in one-sided, repetitive activities such as running, cycling, swimming, and golf, which he says can actually speed up aging. He describes his system as "yoga for the new millennium," saying it is better for beginners than traditional yoga, which is "too linear and fragmented" to offer movement flexibility.

-reviewed by Chiwah

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