Yoga Toes Testimonials

YogaToes Toe Trainer Testimonials

  • I am a Police Officer of 3 yrs. I have been having problems with my duty boots for the last 2.5 yrs. About 6 months ago I discovered Yoga Toes!!! They changed my life I love them my feet no longer hurt. I am on my feet 12 hrs. a day 4 days a week. If any other females out there are having the same problems try yoga toes and it will change your job for ever. Comfortable feet are HAPPY FEET, take it from me, my parents owned their own shoe store for 18yrs!!!! Thanks Again, Marsha
  • The women in my family are not blessed with particularly good feet. My problem is plantar fascitis and mild bunions. Three years ago, I came across Yoga Toes while looking the Yoga Pro web site. I started using them and gradually was able to build up to 15-20 minutes. My bunions have not gotten any worse and the plantar fascitis rarely flares up. At the end of the day, it feels good to let the feet and toes stretch out. I used the Yoga Toes so much that I wore out one of the toes dividers! Yoga Pro stands by their word and replaces them promptly!! I look forward to "Happy Feet" for a long time. Thanks so much !! H. Cloar Nashville TN
  • I just had to let you know, I received my YOGATOES this evening and I am truly amazed. I have a combination of problems with one of my feet. I have a Bunion, which a Podiatrist would not remove last year because it was, (using her words) "not bad enough to remove". Now, it has gotten much worse. I'm have trouble walking, including getting hammer toes, pain in the arch of foot and swelling in the foot by the end of the day. Upon receiving the YogaToes, I put them on. I could not believe how good immediately they made my foot feel. I can't say enough about them. I'm looking forward to wear them as often as possible. Thank you for designing such a terrific product. Leora, Sebring , FL
  • I'm a cocktail server in Vegas, I have numerous foot problems. I definitely see a difference since using YogaToes, It not only helped with bunion pain but relieved my plantar fascitis. I am feeling new circulation where neuroma is present. Thanks for such an awesome product!!! Regina , Las Vegas , NV
  • Well hello there!!! I just got home from a long trip and opened the YogaToes box and put them on. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Thank you, Ivan.
  • "I think YogaToes will improve the condition of my toes and help deal with problems that occur after many years of dancing, such as arthritis. It will relieve the pressure I feel on my toes after a day of work." Alfonso Martin, Pointe Magazine Road Test
  • Last fall, after observing my "squashed" toes, it was strongly suggested that I invest in a pair of Yoga Toes. I was hesitant at first. Finally, I decided to give them a try. After struggling to put them on and then wearing them for a long five-minute period, the pain had me rethinking my purchase. I was all set to return them for a full refund. However, my "yoga instructor" encouraged me to try them for a longer period, which I reluctantly did. After a couple more weeks of fine-minute daily wearings, I advanced to 15 minutes, half-hour, and now (five months later) I am wearing them for one hour plus while I read, watch TV, etc. There is a definite improvement in the spacing of my toes. I now know what it means to feel the four corners of my feet when I do standing postures. I still need more improvement, but the bottom line is: Yoga Toes DO work! A.K.-Trenton
  • Heard about YogaToes in Pointe Magazine;
    already recommended to fellow dancers. Thanks. Jan R.

  • Just wanted to let you know that as soon as the YogaToes were delivered, they were on my feet.... after just one hour, I could not believe how good my feet felt. I have tailor's bunions and pain in the balls of my feet and was afraid I had nothing to look forward to except orthotics and possible surgery and that was not what I wanted to look forward to or go through. I am on my feet a lot working different events here in Las Vegas and do not want anything to interfere with that work. The YogaToes are wonderful.....It appears that they are relieving the symptoms of restless leg syndrome as well. Thank you !!!! Sue from Las Vegas
  • "I wanted to thank you for the gift of YogaToes prior to our Furnace Creek 508 bicycle race. My God those things made a HUGE difference the night before the race! During my second leg, when my whole body was in a high level of pain as we were all experiencing the limits of endurance racing, I realized that for the FIRST time in my athletic career I was getting "piece of mind" and comfort radiating out of my feet. This was a very strange sensation to me. Usually in such hammer fests, the feet are screaming from abuse. Not this time. My toes felt so "open" and my platforms so strong yet relaxed. I began focusing on my feet and this truly opened up my whole body; I remained calm yet attacked. When I got the bike that night, our team was 45 minutes behind the leaders. When I got done with my 57 miles, I had regained the 45 minutes and then put us out in front by another 7 minutes - thanks for the YogaToes baby! They rock even by warrior RJ standards! I highly recommend them to all that dare to have an open mind-and open toes!"
    Ron Jones, MSACSM Health/Fitness Instructor, Atlanta , GA
  • I wanted to tell you how much my YogaToes have helped my Achilles Tendons....In two days I started being able to tell a difference...Now the only thing that bothers me is a tenderness in my left heal from calcium deposits....The swelling that had been there for 3 years is almost completely gone....I couldn't believe that they would work so well. My cousin told me about them..Her husband had bunions & other foot problems & could hardly walk, he was ready to give in & have surgery...Like me orthotics hadn't helped him...Now he is pain free...I may never make that, but its so much better I'm sold & will tell people I know about them. THANKS! M. Denney, Lee's Summit Missouri
  • I AM wearing my YogaToes right now after a 57.5 mile, 7,000' bicycle training ride up in the Santa Monica mountains. In fact, slipping into my YogaToes is now a ritual and comes right after my post-workout shower! Having used your fine product now for over a year, it would be hard to calculate their positive impact upon my subtle and physical anatomy. It is yogic truth that 'brittle feet equals unhealthy organs,' and even I began to doubt my capacity to ever attain the highly sought after "yogic toe spread" after so many decades of cramming my feet into rock climbing shoes, ski boots, running shoes, etc. Yet, due to the ergonomic affect of your amazing product, my entire stance and walking and running gait has been sublimely affected...not to mention a deepening fitness of my energy lines. I find Yoga Toes to be absolutely essential for ALL endurance athletes, of vital importance to any fitness warrior, a secret weapon for skill athletes like sport climbers, golfers, and ball players, and for yogis, well, yogis should LIVE in them!"
    - Coach Ilg, RYT/USCF
    author/TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION "The World's Fittest Human."
  • "YogaToes toe stretchers relieve pain and stress by separating the toes and stimulating circulation. Great for warm-ups and tension relief after a hard performance or demanding rehearsal."
    Dancer Magazine
  • YogaToes are the perfect antidote to a long day in pointe shoes. YogaToes give new meaning to a foot massage. It's a great way to relax my feet! KarinEllis-Wentz, Dancer, American Ballet Theater
  • Having battled arthritic and circulatory problems for several years now, finally I have found a product that helps. Yoga Toes are giving me comfort and relief, and even my spirits are better!
    Mary Moore, Mother of six and Grandmother of ten
  • "YogaToes have strengthened my feet to a point were I have significantly more board control and the confidence to perform complex tricks and maneuvers with precision."
    Brad Kirr, Skateboarding for 24 years, Columbus , OH