Bodylift Instructions


Here are some of the ways I’ve discovered to get the most out of my BodyLift.

begin using your BodyLift against a wall until you feel very confident of your balance while inverted.
Try holding onto the horizontal piece in front of your shoulders, or the vertical front legs, near the floor, palms in, elbows wide.

1) Slowly raise your head, moving your chin to your chest; repeat.

2) Let your legs drop out into a V position and let gravity do it’s work on you; lock and unlock your knees;
     do foot circles at the ankle, both directions in this position.

3) Slowly bend your knees out and bring your feet together into and out of a frog position.

4) Slowly bend your knees toward your chest as far as you can into a squat position,
    then slowly straighten your legs again into a full vertical position; repeat.
    > get to the point where you can do this without the wall; this is an incredible postural integration move.

5) With both legs straight, let your feet move toward the floor (bending at the waist into a pike position),  
     and then return to the vertical.   

6) Move your BodyLift about a foot away from the wall; bend your knees enough to place your feet flat
     against the wall; slowly push into the wall and push your back into extension (arch) while lifting your  
     head toward the wall; repeat.
When you can comfortably use your BodyLift without the wall:
7) Slowly let your legs drop one to the front and one to the back in a scissor movement, again letting
     gravity do the work; repeat.

*All of these movements can be repeated for as many repetitions as desired;
but the main rule is to do them Slowly and Controlled.

I trust you’ll enjoy using your BodyLift as often as I have over the last many years;
it’s a fantastic addition to your arsenal of Self-Maintenance Tools!

Yours for Health,  Blue