Calf Stretch Block Instructions


Place the block near a wall, back of a couch or chair, counter, something you can hold onto to support yourself while using the block. I use mine under my hang-bar across my kitchen door.
Simply stand on the Calf-Stretch Block one foot at a time, or both feet at the same time; you’ll get a different stretch each way, and you may actually have to stretch one foot at a time if your calves are extremely tight. Use the adjustable feature of the Calf-Stretch Block to suit your condition; a steeper incline will give you a more intense stretch.

Lock and unlock your knee, one leg at a time (if you’re using both feet on the block), leaving it locked long enough to take a nice long relaxing exhale. Each exhale you’ll want to send a wave of relaxation and release through your whole body, making sure you are not holding tension in one place while trying to release it in another. *Use this method of Breathing and Relaxing/Releasing during all your Self-Work.

*Key Point: It is of utmost importance while stretching your calves to keep your medial (inside) arches parallel with each other. This is the line between the outside ball of your big toe and the inside of your heel. If using only one foot on the incline surface, still pay attention that your foot is kept aligned this way. Also, try and keep your kneecap aligned through the front of your ankle.

With both feet on the incline, lock both knees, making sure your medial arches are parallel with each other, and notice any differences between the two feet/legs in visual observation, or feeling through your legs and feet. With locked knees begin wiggling your butt from side to side, slowly.

To loosen the ankle and the knee: with the knee locked, try gently rotating your knee medially (in to center) and laterally (out to side) while keeping the bottom of the foot flat on the incline.

You will get a different stretch depending on what you do with your torso; standing upright or leaning forward (like onto the back of a couch). Be creative and intuitive working with your Adjustable Calf-Stretch Block and you’ll be amazed, in a very short time, how much positive change you’ve created for yourself.

Self-Massage on your own calves speed this whole process along. Basically, just try to tenderize the muscles, softening them up and working out any hard places you find. Muscles, even strong muscles, should feel like bags of water. The looser and more separate you can get your muscles, the better they will be able to do their job of flexing and extending. Doing this also helps to decompress and align the joints those muscles cross. Knowing how to decompress and align joints is a very valuable thing to learn on the quest for Health and Fitness, and it is rare indeed to find someone who understands the process and utilizes it to their advantage.

As you begin to experience the positive and pleasurable results from its use, I know you’ll continue to enjoy your EvolutionHealth Adjustable Calf-Stretch Block for the rest of your life. Take my advice and check out the other relevant Self-Maintenance Tools I know for sure you’ll find interesting and useful to your Self Care.