EasyGreen Warranty

EasyGreen Sprouter Standard limited manufacturer's Warranty

Important: Evidence of original purchase is required
for warranty or extended warranty service.

Elements Of Warranty: Seed & Grain Technologies Inc, Warrants for 4 month from the date of purchase, to the original retail purchaser only, this product to be free of defect in material and craftsmanship subject to the following limitations and exclusions.

This warranty is invalid if the product is

A.      Damaged or not maintained as reasonable or necessary.

B.      Modified, altered or used improperly.

C.      Service or repaired by an unauthorized non-factory person.

D.      Used in conjunction with any equipment or parts not manufactured or supplied by Seed & Grain Tech.

Statement or remedy: In the event that this product does not conform to this warranty at any time while the warranty is in effect, Seed & Grain Tech. at its option shall repair or replace the defective part and return it to you without charge. The original retail purchaser shall be responsible for shipping the defective part back to Seed & Grain Tech. service center in accordance with the instructions below.

The limited warranty set forth above is the sole and entire warrant pertaining to this product and is in lieu of and excludes all other warranties of any nature whatsoever, whether expressed, implied or arising by operation of law, including but not limited to any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This warrant does not cover or provide for the reimbursement or payment of incidental or consequential damages.

Procedure for obtaining warranty service:

1.      E-mail our support team at support1@easygreen.com

2.      Obtain a return authorization number from EvolutionHealth.com.

3.      Include evidence of original purchase

4.      A note describing the problem.

5.      Your full name, address and telephone number.

If you purchased an extended warranty, the extended warranty number must be included in the note. Shipping must be insured for loss or damage. Send the parcel to

Seed & Grain Tech. Service Center .
1972 Evening Glow Dr.
Las Vegas NV 89134.

The repaired or exchanged goods will be mailed from our service center by standard mail (8-12 days). For Priority USPS mail (3 days), please include a check or money order for $ 10.00.

Return of unused equipment: We will accept returns of unused equipment within 21 days from date of purchase provided:

A.      A return authorization number is received from our service center.

B.      The equipment was not used.

C.      The equipment is packed on its original box and mail to us by UPS, insured at customers expense with all its parts and accessories.

D.      A restocking fee of 20% from the original invoice is applicable on each case. Goods purchased under a special promotion or sale will be charged at 20% from the official retail price. Goods paid by Credit Card will be reimbursed to the Credit card account.

E.      Goods purchased from any of our authorized dealers should be returned to the dealers after following the dealers return instructions.

To validate this warranty, the warranty registration form in the instruction manual should be mailed and received within 12 days from date of purchase. Refusal to accept a shipment will result in a shipping charge for both ways, in addition to the restocking fee. This is in effect also for Special 'sales' or promotions conducted from time to time by the company.

Damaged goods within transport:

A.      Goods purchased from one of our dealers and damaged during transportation between the dealer and the end user should be send back to the dealer.

B.      Goods shipped from our stores should be returned only after receiving a return authorization number from our service center.

Extended warranty may be purchased for a period of 24 ($33.00), 36 month ($45.00) or 5 years ($69.00) from date of purchase . Send a check, money order or credit card details to our service center with the warranty form in the manual.