Sprouting Tips

Tips for using your EasyGreen Sprouter

1.Clean your EasyGreen with Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (safer than Bleach) once a week if possible. Take out any sprouts you have in the machine and then fill the water compartment a quarter of the way up. Put 1 tablespoon of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and allow the mister to run continuosly for 2 hours or until there is no water left in the water compartment.

2. Fill the water compartment once a day with about a gallon of water.

2. Use OceanGrown mineral solution to give your sprouts additional nutrients which will be passed on to you. Uee one tablespooon of OceanGrwon Solution to a gallon of water.

4. Buy organic seeds. We recommend and using seeds form Mumm's Sprouts. Their website is at www.sprouting.com

5. Try different sprouts- ther's red cabbage sprouts. mung bean sprouts, lentil sprouts and garlic and onion sprouts.

6. Use your automatic sprouter to germinate brown rice for a day before cooking, The birth of a sprout activates dormant enzymes in the brown rice all at once to supply the best nutrition to the growing sprout. Note: It is not possible to germinate white rice.

7. Grow wheatgrass or barley brass hydroponically (without soil) using your easygreen spouter.