What is Sprouting?

What is Sprouting?
Sprouting is home-farming. It’s a practice and a skill which is worthy of a very high ranking on your Righteous Prioritity List. Sprouting every kind of imaginable organic seed is one of the most empowering things you can do with your time, your space, and your imagination. It’s a huge step toward the worthy and admirable goal of Self-Sufficency and a disengagement from the support of the MainStream.

Here’s what Sprouting is all about:
You buy your varied Organically Grown Seeds from a reputable dealer; listed below are 2 of my favorite Seed sources.
a) www.SproutHouse.com
b) www.Sprouting.com
You obtain a reasonably priced and functional easy to use Sprouter Apparatus, and
You decide then and there to become an Organic Farmer of the most Nutrient-Dense Foods on the planet, in the comfort of your own home…and how cool is that?
I’ll tell you how cool, “It’s Way Cool” because I can guarantee you, and you can do the due diligent research on this if you don’t believe me, that concerning Broccoli Sprouts for example, to get the same amount of Nutrients in one pound of Broccoli Seeds (which turns into 10 pounds of Broccoli Sprouts) you would need to consume 1000 pounds of the Broccoli flowers you buy in the produce section!

That’s a lot of Broccoli, and the normal person does not eat anywhere near 1000 pounds of Broccoli in a lifetime. You can easily consume ¼  pounds of Broccoli Sprouts in a salad, with Avocado, Tomatoes, Onion, Peppers, Garlic, Beans, etc…Those ¼  pounds of Sprouts give you the Nutritional equivalent of 25 pounds of Broccoli, not to mention the Nutrition in the rest of the high-quality ingredients!!!
And, not only that, they are only one of the dozens of Sprouts and Sprout Mixes available, and the taste of each one is Delicious, Unique, and ridiculously Nutritious.

The Irrefutable Concept is that in one meal you will have eaten more Nutrients than the normal person digests in a week or more! Just wait and see how that affects you on every single level of Being. A by-product of increasing the purity of your fuel, is Vibrant Energy, a Perception untarnished by the energetics of Fuel (foods) like dead animals and Processed Foods, and you’ll experience increased, almost unbelievable Clarity.
Good Luck to you! For Health, Blue