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Arnold Ehret Book Set

A three book set by the Master, Arnold Ehret. In layman's terms clearly explains the mystery of diet, fasting, and health. A must for any true health seeker:

Arnold Ehret Rational Fasting for Physical, Mental, and Spiritual RejuvenationProfessor Arnold Ehret's For Physical, Mental & Spiritual Rejuvenation. One of the all-time great exponents of fasting tells clearly in his fifteenth edition how to successfully conduct and complete a fast to gain maximum strength and energy for joyful living. This book has encouraged untold millions to overcome disease and return to superb health. Includes Ehret's your Road to Regeneration and The Definite Cure of Chronic Constipation as well as Teresa Mitchell's highly inspiring My Road to Health.
Includes an updated introduction by Robert A. Miller. 165 pages

Arnold Ehret Mucusless Diet Healing SystemProfessor Arnold Ehret's Mucusless Diet Healing System is now available in a 75th Anniversary Edition, including the introductory chapter, "Contemporary Insights to Ehret." This scientific method of eating, developed by Ehret in 1922, presents a complete workable program for cleansing, repairing, rebuilding and maintaining a healthy body. Better than any high priced modern tome, this book lays out Professor Ehret's simple and logical plan for anybody to achieve their "Paradise Health." 198 pages.


Arnold Ehret Physical Fitness thru a Superior Diet, Fasting, and Dietetics Physical Fitness is Professor Ehret's treatise on Physical Culture in relation to health in which he shows that the highest degree of civilization can only be developed through physical culture, fasting and dietetics. 24 pages.


Arnold Ehret message

A Message to Ehretists

Arnold EhretDear Friends,

After careful and intelligent study of the forgoing lessons, you now know that disease consists of an unknown, decayed and fermented mass of matter in the human body, decades old - especially in the intestines and colon. You likewise know how unwise and ignorant it is to think that knowing what to eat is, alone, a complete diet of healing.

None of the recognized authorities know the tremendous importance of a thorough and deep cleansing of the human "cesspool." All are more or less "fooled" by Nature when they advise eating of fruits, with stomach and intestines clogged up by mucus and decomposed protein foods, eaten from childhood on.

You have been taught the result: should these poisons -cyanide of potassium - be dissolved too rapidly and permitted to enter the circulation, severe sensations - even death may occur, and man's natural food, oranges, grapes, dates, etc. are blamed!

My teachings clearly prove that this hitherto unexplained ignorance regarding fruit diet is the "stumbling block" for all other food research experts, who have made personal experimental tests. Thousands of times have I heard the same cry - even from young and supposedly healthy persons - "I became weak!" And all experts with the exception of myself say,"Yes, you require more protein; at least eat nuts."

During my personal tests, involving this same problem, I tried to overcome this "stumbling block" hundreds of times. After a two year cure, in Italy, of Bright's disease with consumptive tendency, by fasting and strict living on a mucusless diet, I ate two pounds of the sweetest grapes and drank a half a gallon of sweet grape juice, made from the best and most wonderful grapes grown there. Almost immediately I felt as though I was going to die! A terrible sensation overcame me, palpitation of the heart, extreme dizziness which forced me to lie down, and I was seized with severe pains in the stomach and intestines. After ten minutes the great even occurred - a mucus foaming diarrhea and vomiting of grape juice mixed with acid smelling mucus, and then the greatest event of all! I felt so wonderfully well and strong that I at once performed the knee-bending and arm-stretching exercises 326 times consecutively. All obstructions had been removed!

For the first time in history I have shown what man was when he lived without "fired" foods - during the prehistoric times (called Paradise) eating fruits, the "bread of heaven."

For the first time in human history this "demon" in the tragedy of human life has been shown - and how he can and must be eliminated - before man can ascend to a Paradisaical health, happiness, immunity from disease and "Godlike" being.

If the Garden of Eden - heaven on earth - ever existed it must have been a "fruit orchard." Fro thousands of years, through a wrong civilization, man has been tricked into unconscious suicide, reduced to slavery, to produce wrong food, "earning his bread by the sweat of his brow." Unnatural foods cause sickness and death.

"Peace on Earth" happiness and righteousness as yet remain a foolish dream. During thousands of years, God, Paradise, Heaven-Sin, Devil, Hell - seldom found an interpretation that a clear, reasoning mind would willingly accept. The average unfortunate fellowman thinks of God as a good and forgiving Father who will allow him to enter Paradise in another world - unpunished for violations of His laws in Nature.

I have proven for the first time in history that the diet of Paradise is not only possible - good enough for a degenerate mankind, such as we now are - but that it is the Unconditional Necessity and the first step to real salvation and redemption from the misery of life. That it is a needed key to the lost paradise where disease, worry and sorrow - hate, fight and murder were unknown, and where there was no death, from unnatural causes at least.

"Man is what he eats: is a philosopher's greatest and trueest statement.

You must now see why civilization, all religions, all philosophy, with their tremendous sacrifice of work, time, money, energy, is and has been part guesswork. The magic formula for "Heaven on Earth" - of the Paradise - must read like this:

"Eat your way into Paradise physically." But you cannot pass the gate, watched over by the angel with the flaming sword, until you have gone through the purgatory (cleansing fire) of fasting and diet of healing - a cleansing, a physiological purifying, by the "Flame of Life" in your own body! During thousands of years no one has escaped the struggle of death caused by an unnatural life, and you will have to face it some day.

But you, I and others who have learned this greatest and most important truth of life, are the only ones in existence today who are in fact, and not in mind only, out of the road of darkness and unconscious suicide, and into the light of the new civilization - the light of physical regeneration - as the Foundation of Mental and Spiritual Revelation-like Progress to the light of a superior, that is to say, a spiritual world.

This will give an outline of the serious nature of my work - and the necessity for your help in carrying it through as the greatest deed you can perform - upon which depends not only your future destiny, but that of a suffering, unhappy mankind - on the verge of a physical and mental collapse.

Arnold Ehret

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