External Nitrates Reduction Cartridge

External Nitrates Reduction Cartridge
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External Nitrates Reduction Cartridge
Available in U.S. and Canada (5 BV). 

Capacity:  Up to 1,500 gallons 

Intended for use outside of your IonWays water ionizer machine.

In most cases of excess nitrate concentrations in water supplies, the primary source is surface runoff from agricultural or landscaped areas which have received excess nitrate fertilizer. These levels of nitrate can also lead to algae blooms, and when nutrients become limiting (such as potassium, phosphate or nitrate) then eutrophication can occur. As well as leading to water anoxia, these blooms may cause other changes to ecosystem function, favoring some groups of organisms over others. Consequently, as nitrates form a component of total dissolved solids, they are widely used as an indicator of water quality.

  Nitrates are also a by-product of septic systems. Specifically, they are a naturally occurring chemical that is left after the break down or decomposition of animal or human waste. Water quality may also be affected through ground water resources that have a high number of septic systems in a watershed. Nitrate in groundwater originates primarily from fertilizers, septic systems, and manure storage or spreading operations. Fertilizer nitrogen that is not taken up by plants, volatilized, or carried away by surface runoff leaches to the groundwater in the form of nitrate. This not only makes the nitrogen unavailable to crops, but also can elevate the concentration in groundwater above the levels acceptable for drinking water quality. Nitrogen from manure similarly can be lost from fields, barnyards, or storage locations. Septic systems also can elevate groundwater nitrate concentrations because they remove only half of the nitrogen in wastewater, leaving the remaining half to percolate to groundwater.

How is it used?
  Nitrates are used mostly for agriculture. Nitrates such as potassium nitrate (saltpeter) and ammonium nitrate are an important source of nitrogen in fertilizers. These nitrates must be used quickly by plants because they are easily lost through leaching or densification by bacteria. Nitrate pollution has become an environmental issue in rivers and oceans.

What are the health effects?
  Methemoglobinemia is the most significant health problem associated with nitrate in drinking water. Blood contains an iron-based compound called hemoglobin, which carries oxygen. When nitrate is present, hemoglobin can be converted to methemoglobin, which cannot carry oxygen. In the blood of adults, enzymes continually convert methemoglobin back to hemoglobin, and methemoglobin levels normally do not exceed 1 percent. Newborn infants have lower levels of these enzymes, and their methemoglobin level is usually 1 to 2 percent. Anything above that level is considered methemoglobinemia.
Is there any harm from drinking and bathing in contaminated water?
Congress passed the federal Safe Drinking Water Act in 1974. The U S. Environmental Protection Agency was given responsibility for setting drinking water standards for all the states, and each state became responsible for enforcing these standards. 
  Because potential health risks are often unknown or hard to predict, many drinking water standards are set at some fraction of the level of "no-observed adverse-health effects." In general, the greater the uncertainty about potential health effects, the greater the margin of safety built into the standard.
The ionization process will concentrate nitrates and send them out the acidic hose. However, to remove nitrates before reaching the ionizer, pre-filtration is recommended.

How do I remove nitrate from my drinking water?
 Nitrate specific resins have been manufactured for years and provides an effective form on nitrate reduction. IonWays uses only the highest quality component parts.

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