Internal BioStone Plus FIlter

Internal BioStone Plus FIlter
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Price: $99.95
Manufacturer: Alkaviva



This new and improved BioStone Plus filter may be used in all of our ionizers except the Vesta and is manufactured 100% in the US with NSF certified components. In using the amazing natural properties of “vortex hydraulics”, we can ensure optimal performance and longevity of your filter. The recent improvements to the BioStone Plus utilize some of the newest technologies in the water industry for upgraded contaminant removal and improved flow rate. By reformulating our filters as technology improves, we have increased contact time and reduced the resistance of granulated filter beds without sacrificing our removal capabilities. The BioStone Plus is an excellent choice to prevent chlorine and chloramines, VOC’s, improve taste and odor, and reduce heavy metals such as mercury, lead, nickel and iron. In addition to the using improved and cutting edge medias, we have added another element to our filters to prevent the damaging effects of hard water scale and improve taste and odor. IonWays is proud to offer the most advanced filters in our industry.

Available in US & Canada.

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