Spartan Filtration System Hard Water

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Spartan Filtration System Hard Water

The Spartan Ionizer Shield water treatment and filtration system is designed to greatly improve the quality of the water before it goes into your electric ionizer. It is not a stand alone product and can be installed before your ionizer – either above of below counter. The Spartan Ionizer Shield is a unique and proprietary series of three filtration systems that incorporate a synergistic combination of advanced filtration plus softening media and technologies. The Spartan will help eliminate virtually all of your drinking water concerns and give you and your family great tasting and healthy water while at the same time offering you added protection against scale buildup. Each media and technology in the Spartan is designed to work synergistically with the other media to help you achieve optimal results. Best yet, all of this is tailored to your general water quality. The Spartan overcomes the downsides of traditional Reverse Osmosis system by offering a great flow rate and having no tank pressure to maintain. Plus it is easier to install and does all this without creating a drop of waste water. Water quality varies greatly from place to place, often within the same city or geographical area. There is no "one size fits all" water product. Any ionizer – or water product - will perform differently and have a different lifespan in soft, average and hard water quality situations. The cleaning systems on all ionizers are designed to clean only the electrodes inside your water cell. Other parts such as hoses and valves are still open to damaging scale buildup. The Spartan helps to protect the parts of your ionizer not cleaned by its on-board cleaning cycle from scale buildup. Best yet, the Spartan is offered in two options that are tailored to meet the needs of your general water quality situation. The effective life of the Purification Cartridge is entirely dependent on the qualities found in your source water. Simply put, the more particles in your water, the more quickly the media will expire - just like any filter or media. Because water quality and personal preference varies, timely replacement of this cartridge is up to the individual. This filter can last from one month to one year. The Spartan’s first two filtration systems come in an in-line external-housing. The quick connect fittings make this a snap to install. The third filtration system is tailored to your water quality, and goes right into the filter compartment onboard your ionizer. Lets look at each filter and how many stages, or barriers to contamination, each offers. Filtration System One in the Spartan offers five separate stages consisting of two media stages and three 1-micron barriers. Stage 1: We start with a 1-micron barrier. Stage 2: Then, we add a stage of KDF 85, which addresses concerns for iron, hydrogen sulfides, and manganese contamination. It also helps reduce chlorine and chloramines. This stage also conditions the water in two important ways. It changes the scaling calcium into a non-scaling form that helps protect your ionizer and it optimizes the pH into the range that increases effectiveness of the next media in removing fluoride. Stage 3: Is a 1-micron barrier. Stage 4: The fourth stage uses a generous bed of media specially designed to help eliminate fluoride, arsenic, lead and selenium. By using these 2 medias in sequence, we can effectively increase the efficiency of the overall system. Stage 5: The last stage is another 1-micron barrier. Filtration System Two in the Spartan offers you nine more stages of protection including four different media each protected by a 1-micron barrier - five in total. Stages 1 – 3: We start with a 1-micron barrier. The first media is KDF 55 which helps eliminate lead, mercury, nickel, and other dissolved heavy metals in the water. It helps with microorganisms and scale prevention in hard water areas. It also helps reduce chlorine and chloramines. The third stage is another 1-micron barrier. Stages 4 & 5: Next, we add a media that is specially designed to reduce nitrates and nitrogen. The fifth stage is another 1-micron barrier. Stages 6 &7: We now add a stage of Centaur which is an extremely high grade of carbon that is very effective at removing chlorine, chloramines, VOC’s, the disinfectant byproducts such as trihalomethanes and also improves water taste and clarity. The seventh stage is another 1-micron barrier. Stages 8 & 9: The final stage mixes tourmaline and magnetic technology to reduce water tension making it ideal for ionization! The ninth stage is another 1-micron barrier. Filtration System Three offers you the option to customize your Spartan to your local water quality. Both of these options are simple to install, going right on board your ionizer in the filter compartment. Available in the U.S. and Canada

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