Flextasy Yoga Journal Video Review

Yoga Journal Video Review / February 2002


Flextasy is the invention of Blue Dunn, a southern California resident whose Web site describes him as a Structural Release Realignment Therapist (another of his inventions) and a certified Kitaido yoga instructor. His system is a sequence of just over 50 exercises adapted from yoga asanas, martial arts, and calisthenics, and designed, as the name suggests, to increase overall body flexibility and self-awareness. Included are an assortment of accessible and relatively gentle standing, kneeling, and reclining exercises, all performed with dynamic, dance-like movements. Yoga students will recognize several old friends, including Cobra, Cat, Downward-Facing Dog, Shoulderstand, and Plow There are two tapes in this package: an hour-long instructional class and a half-hour advanced class, the latter simply a speeded-up version of the former.

The system is certainly complete. You'd be hard pressed to find a joint that Dunn neglects to stretch. He's an enthusiastic instructor who understands the importance of proper alignment and conscious breathing. I would have liked a bit more emphatic cautioning on a few of the exercises-say, for that Shoulder-stand and Plow, here performed with shoulders flat on the floor, and then at one point with the head turned from side to side, one of the first things they told us not to do in yoga school. It also would've been nice if his models, instead of two youngish "Flextasy Girls" - direct your cards and letters to Dunn, please, not me -were a bit older, i.e., living examples of Flextasy's effectiveness. But the program will serve most people well, as either a primary practice or a preliminary to all kinds of athletics or asana practice.

If nothing else, Dunn has chutzpah. Billing his brainchild as the "yoga for the new millennium," he criticizes the way mainstream asanas are taught in this country as too "linear," static, and fragmented, tending to create a "hyper-erect body capable of contorting itself into many postures but in movement non-fluid and stiff-looking." He believes that inflexible beginners are at "special risk" in yoga classes because "yoga is an advanced method of physical therapy and should be participated in only by individuals having achieved a certain level of flexibility and possessing at least a fundamental understanding of body mechanics." Ow!

Anyway, he guarantees his program will keep you rag-doll flexible for the rest of your life-and yes, if you practice five days a week for a month and are not completely satisfied, you will get your money back.

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