See the Flextasy! Routine.


Stretching Exercises and 
Flexibility Exercises

Flextasy Exercise Routine


1. Pelvic Tilts 

2. Spine Unrolls 

3. Waist Circles 

4. Ribcage Float 

5. Ribcage Push 

6. Knee Circles 
a) together 
b) hip width 

7a) Standing Cat Stretch 
b) w/ Sacral Scoops 
c) w/ Hip Circles 

8. Hamstring Stretch 
a) low back release 
b) lock and unlock knees 
c) w/ hip movement 

9. Reach for the Sky 

10. Waist Twists 

11. Standing Side Stretch 

12. Spine Stretch 
a) up 
b) front 

13. Groin Stretch 

14. Gluteal Stretch 

15. Frog Stretch 
a) lower legs parallel 
b) feet together 
c) shoulder release push-ups 

16. Hip Push 
a) both legs bent 
b) one leg straight 

17. Hip Rocking

18a) Sitting Side Stretch 
b) w/ twist 

19a) Inverted Frog Stretch 
b) w/ movement 

20) Cobra w/ hip movement 

21) Cobra Counter Stretch 

22) Forearm Stretch 

23) Wrist Rolls 

24a) Kneeling Back Stretch 
b) advanced 

25a) Cat Stretch 
b) w/ hip circles 

26) Wrist Rolls 

27) Sitting Back Stretch

28) Wrist Rolls

29. Hip Extensions

30. Dog Pose w/ movement

31. Udiyama

32.Neck Moves 
a) rolls 
b) camel 
c) forward / back 
d) side to side 
e) chin over shoulder

33. Shoulder Circles 
a) full body 
b) isolated

34. Chest Stretch 
a) arm aligning 
b) up and over 
c) lock and unlock knees 
d) fists to one side

35. Shoulder Cuff Stretch

36. Arrow Squats

37. Horse Stance 
a) w/ ribcage float 
b) w/ arm movements 
c) w/ ribcage and spine stretch

38. Dog Pose 

39a) Cat Stretch 
b)w/ hip circles

40. Straight Leg Rolling

41. Spinal Twists

42. Straight Leg Rolling

43a) Shoulder Stand 
b) legs in V/ lock & unlock knees 
c) legs in V/ feet circles

44. Plow

45. Spine Roll Downs

46. Sacral Rocking

47. Low Back Spine Roll Downs

48. Lie Still - Give Thanks!

49. Skeleton Wiggling

50. Stretch like a cat

51. Easy Spinal Twists

52. Low Back Spine Roll Downs

53. Rock Legs from side to side