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Ultimate Flexibility Combo Packs

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Flextasy Functional Flexibility
2 Disc DVD
Traditional yoga is too static and linear. Conventional stretching exercises are incomplete and ineffective. Flextasy produces something distinctively out of the ordinary: functional flexibility exercises; combining key elements of stretching, yoga, dance, martial arts, breathwork, and meditation.

The focus is on circular, fluid skeletal range of motion movements which releases and lengthens the musculature, aligns the skeleton, mobilizes the joints and hinges, and most importantly, flushes out and fluffs up the cartilage in and around the joints.
Read more about Flextasy Functional Flexibility/Stretching exercises

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1 lb Pure MSM Powder

Collagen can't be made in the body unless sulfur is present, so this means your joint cartilage can't be repaired without sulfur or MSM.

MSM reduces inflammation and helps restore your mobility. Sulfur is vital to the creation and regeneration of the body's tissues.

Because there are few nerves in the bones, our pain comes from the soft tissue. MSM takes out the inflammation, permits the muscles to heal and prevents them from becoming sore. If you play sports or work-out in a gym and normally get sore muscles the next day, take a teaspoon of MSM before exercise and you will notice a difference. If taken after exercise, the soreness will go away faster.

MSM takes inflammation out of soft tissue and since pain comes from nerves in inflamed soft tissue, there is often relief from the pain of such inflammatory ailments as arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism and hip dysplasia. MSM can help get the flexibility back into the tissues very rapidly. Some people have experienced relief in only 20 minutes! For others, it takes longer.
Learn more about the many benefits of MSM Powder.

Structural Release Rollers
Set of 3
Turn back your aging clock with these tools. This is the simplest, most effective tool for releasing your skeleton and your muscles!

After my Flextasy Functional Flexibility System®, the most important Self-Maintenance you’ll ever use. In fact, if you are very tight, you’ll want to use these rollers for a while before even attempting to work on your flexibility with movement (such as yoga or pilates). They speed up the process of
loosening the body better than any other method I’ve ever come across. Daily use of these is absolutely crucial if you are serious about getting your body out of pain, changing your posture for the better, and up leveling the structural condition of your body.

Read more about the benefits of using the Structural Release Foam Rollers.

Fix Your Feet Balls

My how-to instructions for the Fix Your Feet Balls explains the exact procedures which will enable you to understand your feet and how to bring them back to normal.

Comes with instructions for use. If you don’t lose these balls, they should last indefinitely.
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Ultimate Flexibility Pack 1
Flextasy Flexibility DVD Set
1 lb MSM Powder
Structural Release Rollers(set of 3)
Fix Your Feet Balls

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Flexibility Pack 2

1 lb MSM Powder
Structural Release Rollers(set of 3)

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Flexibility Pack 3

Flextasy Flexibility DVD
Structural Release Rollers(set of 3)

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Flexibility Pack 4

Flextasy Flexibility DVD set
1 lb MSM Powder

Sale Price: $60
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