Inflexibility and Aging

Flextasy the Perfect Antidote To Inflexibility And Aging

As time passes, we all at some point, become aware of aches, pains, stiffness, soreness, a general malaise (an indefinite feeling of debility or lack of health) that seems to have no cause other than "getting old". We, in fact, equate getting older with inflexibility. Our looks may be deceiving, but our mobility is a sure giveaway of how we are handling the aging process.

Many try to slow the process of aging down by remaining active, and depending on the activities chosen, this can be a positive endeavor. If we choose activities that are holistic in nature, those utilizing integrated movements of the entire skeleton, then the onslaught of structural aging can indeed be retarded. If one-sided repetitive motion activities are chosen, and these are by far the most common, then instead of slowing the structural aging process down, we are actually speeding it up. (see Repetitive Exercise) Examples of repetitive exercises rampant today are: running, cycling, and all the machines in the modern gym.

With no exercise, and even with the best of well-rounded exercises, there will still be a shortening of the musculature and a resultant inevitable distorting of the skeleton. This problem of shortening musculature and misaligned skeleton is the foundation of structural aging and so, is what must be addressed to avoid it or to remedy it. It is possible to daily turn back the aging clock and retain, or regain, the flexibility and mobility associated with youth. Structurally speaking, there is a "fountain of youth", and its name is Flextasy!® Functional Flexibility Exercises

Flextasy!® is the perfect antidote for inflexibility and aging for many reasons. 
It gives the structural body exactly what it needs to bring it up to speed and keep it functionally mobile: 

  • fluid, circular range of motion through the joints and hinges, 
    reestablishes flexibility while lengthening and organizing the musculature,
  • aligning the skeleton, decompressing the joints and hinges,
  • and perhaps most importantly, rejuvenating the cartilage in and around the joints by flushing it out and fluffing it up.

  • Pathways for fluid and energy flows are cleared, strengthening your vital life force.

Remember: you don't get stiff and inflexible because you age, you get stiff and inflexible because you quit moving in all the ways your wonderful body is capable of moving. The adage: "Move it or lose it!" holds true for the structural body. Combine that with the destructive consequences of repetitive exercises and it's no wonder that physical therapy clinics are full, chiropractors are thrilled, and sports medicine is a booming business. It's also not surprising that people I would call functionally flexible are few and far between. And as stated at the beginning, it's flexibility, or the lack of it, which determines our structural age, and most importantly, our daily experience.

The practice of Flextasy!® will minimize the detrimental shortening and asymmetrically compressing effects of the repetitive exercises most people are obsessively subjecting their bodies to, in the name of fitness.

Flextasy! the Functional Flexibility System® is a comprehensive flexibility routine consisting of circular, fluid, range of motion movements for the skeleton. It is designed to reestablish functional 3-dimensional ranges of movement through the joints and hinges of the skeleton; movement which has been lost as a result of over-use, or non-use, of the 639 muscles connecting the 206 pieces of the skeleton. 

Mastering the relatively few simple movements comprising the Flextasy!® routine, and making regular practice a priority in your life, is all it takes to regain the flexibility you've lost, and to maintain it for the rest of your life.

Strength is an inevitable by-product of Flexibility and Flexibility is always compromised with every bit of Strength gained by (especially repetitive) exercise. Add strength-training to your routine only to the degree that it does not compromise your flexibility.

Remember this: It is infinitely easier to gain strength once you have achieved functional flexibility than it is to try to become flexible once you have already compromised your structure through neglect or strength and endurance training.

The Flextasy! System® is based on an ancient Chinese proverb which states: "That which is flexible and flowing will prosper and grow; That which is rigid and blocked will wither and die".