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So many people these days experience chronic hip pain and /or low back pain; many of these people having one of the most drastic and intrusive surgeries possible: hip replacement, or something even more common but intrusive and dangerous nonetheless: disk surgery.

Before you get anywhere near that sad end, there are many preventive and actually curative things you can do to change the situation. One of the keys to getting yourself out of hip pain and back pain, and to achieve health and fitness, is to learn everyway you can to work on yourself; this is what I've devoted the last 18 years of my life exploring. All of the methods I've listed below have proven themselves over and over again, and they work! Be forewarned though, they are not quick fixes, like this culture has conditioned us to expect, like surgery and drugs, requiring us to neither expend any effort, nor learn anything new, or even to change anything at all that created our problems in the first place! Common sense again, what kind of solution to a problem requires you to change nothing about what caused the problem to begin with?

The Good News: I've discovered that through movement, and the use of self-maintenance tools, you can learn how to access the pain and distortion of your musculature and your skeleton, and then release it. This is a longer course of action but it allows you to undo and correct all of the structural distortions that are the foundation upon which your problems are built. This is a more comprehensive, effective, logical method and incidentally, a very empowering process.

There is tremendous power in taking responsibility for your own malfunctions and healing, to whatever degree is possible. Below are some of the best ways to deal with not only hip and back pain, but with any pain associated with your musculo-skeletal system.

MSM: A Nutritional Supplement for Pain

This is the easiest, and first thing you should begin with. MSM (the abbreviation for methyl-sulfonyl-methane) is a special biological sulfur found in all plants, soils, fruits, vegetables and meats. Unless your diet is composed primarily of raw foods, it is unlikely that you are receiving enough MSM for proper health management.

MSM helps our bodies utilize the vitamins that we take, providing the means to derive the maximum benefit from them. MSM is extremely important to human beings and all other forms of life because it provides a unique dietary source of sulfur that we must have in order to function. It's present in every cell in your body and when there is a deficiency all kinds of symptoms appear; joint and muscle pain being two of those symptoms.

I take 1-2 tablespoons of MSM everyday and I swear by it. Every single one of my personal clients, family, and friends who have begun taking it, all for very different aches and pains, call it "a miracle!"...Blue Dunn

The Flextasy Functional Flexibility System: Comprehensive Joint Care

Do you experience hip pain, shoulder pain, low back pain, or pain everytime you move? Working through the simple movements that Flextasy teaches can help increase your flexibility and help you reclaim a pain-free body. Surgery should be considered a last resort, unfortunately people want a quick fix and are more willing to spend large sums of money for a quick solution that has many negative repercussions. Why not spend a few minutes a day working on your flexibility, the foundation of a pain free body, and avoid drugs and surgery? Increasing flexibility is a preventative measure to help you avoid injury and avoid becoming stiff and decrepit as you age.

Fluid, circular skeletal range of motion movements are absolutely crucial for musculo-skeletal health. The Flextasy movements are diagnostic as well as therapeutic. From the beginning of your Flextasy practice you will be painfully aware of any holdings in the body, places where your tissue is dense and your skeleton is asleep. The evidence of these places ranges from a simple lessening of range of motion to complete immobility of skeletal parts. As you move into these sore, tight areas gently and with acceptance, understanding, patience and persistence, you will undergo many emotional changes as well as reach your goal of flexibility and achieve a body awareness absent in most human beings. This will heighten and expand your self-awareness, thus enhancing your time on this earth.

The movements may be modified to accommodate severe inflexibility and the number of repetitions may be lessened to accommodate those with low stamina or increased for those who wish to tone and strengthen. This in no way lessens their ability to effectively loosen the body by changing the very fabric of the soft tissue, increasing mobility, and most importantly, bringing awareness and space to the joints and hinges, thereby starting the process of waking up and setting free the skeleton.

Misalignment, stiffness in joints, and dense painful tissue are indications of misuse, abuse, or non-use; places where your body is dead or asleep, places where you no longer live. As you do your routine you are waking up your tissue and your skeleton. In doing this you must be patient and persistent; some bodies are more asleep than others. Even if you are extremely inflexible, do not be discouraged by any discomfort as you go through the movements. You must learn to use your pain (restrictions) as a guide, moving towards your discomfort instead of ignoring it, moving away from it by limiting your movements or by drugging yourself into numbness. The restrictions (pain) will soon be worked out by this method.

Performing the multifarious Flextasy movements has an effect not unlike oiling all of your joints and hinges!

Flextasy has such a wonderful rejuvenating effect on the soft tissue. Every movement is therapy which organizes and decompresses dense, painful, unhappy tissue. By practicing Flextasy regularly your are performing reconstructive surgery on your body without a scalpel.