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Flextasy Lite



The Origin and Applicability of my Flextasy! Lite Flexibility Routine
by Blue Dunn

After teaching my original Flextasy Flexibility System for 6 years or so, at Sharp Hospital Center for Sports Medicine, at numerous Massage Schools around the San Diego area, to my personal clients, and various other groups in the states and abroad, I was asked if I would be interested in teaching a seniors flexibility class at the Motion Center facility of Sharp Hospital in Coronado, California. I began, on a weekly basis, modifying and inventing new moves, based on the exact same principles and concepts as my original Flextasy Routine, which could easily be done by these older and fairly, to extremely, compromised individuals. Over time, I categorized a systematic flexibility routine for the “flexibly challenged”, and Flextasy Lite was born.

I feel confident that now truly, anyone who has a sincere interest in learning how to regain and maintain a functional level of flexibility, can achieve that desire with my Flextasy Lite Functional Flexibility System.

Both the Flextasy and the Flextasy Lite Routines are similar in that there is no need to be intimidated by any of the movements presented. The goal with both routines is to simply become familiar with the movements and to Slowly, and with Awareness, practice them to the best of your ability, adding them into your daily time set aside to work on yourself as you are able.

I like to think of the Flextasy Moves as the “Alphabet of Movement”. They are not like the traditional Yoga postures we’ve all seen and been intimidated by: the feet behind the head, the full-lotus position with your legs crossed and your feet on your thighs, or head stands, or extreme back bends!

The Flextasy Movements, especially the Flextasy Lite Movements, are instead functional, gentle explorations through your structureloosening, lengthening, and massaging your muscles, flushing out and fluffing up the cartilage in and around your joints, decompressing and allowing those joints to realign themselves as the tension throughout the whole musculature is lessened.

I’m well aware that there are people who have benefited from learning Yoga asanas (postures), and I’m also aware that all forms of Hatha Yoga are not the same. Still, I must say from my observations and experience that most forms of Yoga simply put more tension into the myo-fascial web and the skeletal structure, adding insult to injury. For this reason, I call my Flextasy System a “Yoga for the New Millennium”; because it is essentially user-friendly to all, extremely effective, and basically impossible to hurt yourself with.

Since the early 80’s my time has been spent learning everything I can about the Care and Maintenance of the Structural Body, for the benefit of my self, and as a teacher, guide, therapist, and hopefully model of sorts, for the benefit of others, and this has given me my livelihood. With my Flextasy Lite program I’ve opened wide the window of opportunity for those who see themselves on a quest for True Health and Fitness. I hope you’ll take advantage of this offering, for yourself and for those you love, and integrate it into your life.


What's included

Flextasy Lite:

Disk 1
contains all the movements presented one at a time, in what I call “the Alphabet of Movement”. You use this disk to learn these amazing skeletal range of motion flexibility movements just as we all learned the alphabet, one letter at a time. The movements are practiced in this manner until all, or at least most of them can be done smoothly and easily. At that point you can move onto disk 2.

Disk 2 contains all the Flextasy Lite movements presented in a one hour class format.

Disk 3 contains my choice of standing, seated, and standing movements that can be done in a half hour.

*All 3 disks include very informative introductions and inspiring closings.

*Disks 1-3 also include a very nice short meditation segment that can be utilized at the end of each practice, or at any other time you may choose.

*Disk 1 also contains a Bonus Feature: the 20 minute introduction from my original Flextasy program I produced in 2000. There is a wealth of images and very important concepts presented in this Intro which are extremely important to understand concerning what I’ve learned about flexibility and how to achieve it. This Intro will give you an understanding of your structural body that you may well never hear from anyone else.

Bonus Disk 4 ($20 value)  contains my 3 Power Moves, which can be done if you only have a very limited amount of time to spend on a given day. Here I also introduce and demonstrate some of my very favorite simple and extremely effective Self-Maintenance Tools that I work with every day. Free for a limited time only!

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