3 power Moves and Self Maintenance tools DVD set

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Self Maintenance Tools DVD

Blue Dunn's 3 Power Moves

 Even if the following three power moves are the only flexibility work you do, they will change your life and   increase your body awareness and flexibility dramatically.

1)  Squats

This simple exercise, done in a minute, throughout your day, like a cat stretching after getting up from a nap, will keep your knees and spine flexible and functional for as long as you live. You can use your kitchen sink or any other stable railing or pole, so there are no excuses.

2)  Ape Walk

A full body integrative, simple exercise done in just a minute, using the floor, the wall, a chair, or the arm of your couch, it effectively and easily loosens up most every joint in your skeleton.

3)  Full Body Spinal Roll Downs

This exercise may be the single most important self-maintenance / flexibility movement in existence. All you need is a wall. Start, or end, your day with this miracle move and reclaim your flexibility.

Blue's 4 favorite Self-Maintenance Tools

When integrated into your routine, they will diminish your pain, and change your body and your life.

1)  Structural Release Rollers

Learning how to use these 3 Rollers will take your self-maintenance work to the next level. There is no better way to speed up the process of loosening and reorganizing your musculature, while creating more space throughout the joints and hinges of your skeleton, allowing for a more functional, aligned, and postural correct body.

2)  Massage Buddy

Once you learn to use this amazing tool it will become one of your best friends. Fix your spine, SI joints, and hip joints and keep yourself off the operating table. A great way to avoid back or hip surgery, and also to assist in recovery if you’ve had surgery.


3)  Fix Your Feet Balls

There is no simpler, easier, cheaper way to fix your feet than this method, and the results are immediate and apparent. Change your feet and you’ll effect change throughout your body.


4)  Abdominal Release Ball

Forget all the hype about “strengthening” your core. Trust me, until you release all the tension in your core with this tool, any “core strengthening” will only add insult to injury and create more problems for you.


***I have had countless clients and students of mine, who had gone to chiropractors 2or 3 times a week for their whole adult life, fix their own body with these Movements and Tools and never have to go back. Properly used they can allow you to access and dissolve the chronic holding patterns and pain that have been causing your musculature and joint aches and pains. Whether you are an athlete, a weekend warrior, or a sedentary couch potato, these Movements and Tools are a crucial missing link in your quest for Health and Fitness.

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From the creator of Flextasy® and Flextasy® Lite

A presentation of some of the most crucial and integral Self-Maintenance tools and movements you’ll ever find for creating and maintaining true health and fitness in the comfort of your own home and at your leisure.

Blue’s 3 Power Moves and 4 of his extremely effective Tools for working on your structural body will put you on the fast track to reclaiming your lost flexibility and educate you as to the simplest and easiest method for being flexible for your entire life.


1. Intro to Blue’s 3 Power Moves

2. Squats

3. Ape Walk

4. Full Body Spinal Roll Downs

5. Closing

6. Intro to Self-Maintenance Tools

7. Fix Your Feet Balls

8. Massage Buddy

9. Abdominal Release Ball

10. Structural Release Rollers

11. Closing

Blue Dunn / Body Mechanic, creator of the Flextasy Flexibility System®, is the only person ever in the fitness field to combine the experience and expertise of over 30,000 hours of hands-on Structural Release Myofascial Realignment Therapy, 28 years of teaching and performing tightrope and tightwire walking, and over 20 years of teaching movement reorientation flexibility yoga classes.

Blue understands the Structural Body, how it functions, and he knows what it takes to bring flexibility and balance to any body.

A new understanding of your body and some of the most effective ways to self-maintenance it are yours in this unique presentation of some of Blue’s favorite exercises and self-maintenance tools everyone with a skeleton should take advantage of.


Created and performed by Blue Dunn.

Total disk time: 76 minutes

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