What is Flextasy™?

Flextasy™ is an exercise system specifically designed to regain and retain the ease of movement and flexibility we enjoyed as children (or better!), to tone our muscles, and to align our skeletons.

The Flextasy™ DVDs can be viewed as a basic instruction manual for the use and maintenance of your skeleton and soft tissue.

Suffering from a stiff neck, back problems or pain in general?

Flextasy™ teaches body awareness and body mechanics. All the facets of the body,  limbs, hinges, joints, tissues, and bones should have a certain range of motion; a fluid freedom of movement. It is to this end that this series of flexibility exercises was developed. The practice of these movements can be likened to archaeology in that you are searching for and uncovering your true optimal body. Layer by layer a more flexible, beautiful you emerges.

The goal is not to break into a sweat or to build big, bulky muscles, although it is a workout and strengthening and definition of the muscles will occur. It is a process with oneself and is not a contest in any way. It is release-oriented as opposed to repetition-oriented.

Although you need no great strength or athletic skills to practice, Flextasy™ will increase your strength, coordination, and balance, thus complementing any athletics you may be involved in.

Flextasy™ is a series of movements done gently, with a nurturing and a getting to know you attitude towards your body. It is a synthesis of the best of several disciplines including yoga, various forms of martial arts, stretching, and calisthenics; specifically modified and arranged into a safe and easy to practice program for basically anyone who wants to bring their body to a more advanced state of vital aliveness and pain-free well-being. As your body begins to change through the Flextasy™ program, you will look and feel better as your movements become fluid and graceful and your proper posture becomes relaxed and effortless.

Flextasy™ is your chance to begin the exercise program you’ve been forever promising yourself to start.

Flextasy™ is the addition to your existing exercise routine which will regain for you the flexibility you’ve lost over the years from too much one-sided exercise or not enough movement in general.

Flextasy™ is a way to make friends again with your body and to enjoy all the pleasant repercussions which will result.

As you begin experiencing from the first session a looser, more comfortable body and a new vibrant pulsing of energy through it, you will be excited and inspired to make Flextasy™ a special and integral part of your life.

Flextasy™ is a bottom-line flexibility exercise system specifically designed to allow the skeleton greater freedom of movement.