Benefits of Flextasy

How to Gain Flexibility

Benefits of Flextasy! 
The Functional Flexibility Exercise Program...

*You will develop increased flexibility and body awareness. With these come an increase in vital energy as trapped, stagnated energy in the joints and soft tissue is freed and released by the movements. This is a key factor in your search for health and well-being .

Alignment of the body will occur naturally as the skeleton limbers up with a regular practice of the Flextasy Flexibility Movements. By keeping the body squared (paying attention to the horizontal and vertical planes) as you slowly go through the movements you will be gently bringing the skeleton to its rightful alignment in gravity.
As the tissue decompresses and lengthens by virtue of these movements, space is created in the joints and hinges. The body loosens up, chronic holding patterns are broken, and a new freedom of movement will be experienced. 

*Another benefit of the Flextasy Flexibility Movements is that it is an indispensable prerequisite to any and all forms of exercise. From cycling and running, to yoga or sports, if you move doing it, you will benefit immensely from the increased flexibility and body awareness which will be yours through Flextasy. You will gain an awareness of body mechanics, how your skeleton was meant to move.

The Flextasy Flexibility movements are diagnostic as well as therapeutic. From the beginning of your Flextasy practice you will be painfully aware of any holdings in the body, places where your tissue is dense and your skeleton is asleep. The evidence of these places ranges from a simple lessening of range of motion to complete immobility of skeletal parts. As you move into these sore, tight areas gently and with acceptance, understanding, patience and persistence, you will undergo many emotional changes as well as reach your goal of flexibility and achieve a body awareness absent in most human beings. This will heighten and expand your self-awareness, thus enhancing your time on this earth.

*At the end of each Flextasy session you will experience, in conjunction with your body relaxing, a calming of your mind. As your physical flexibility increases and moves to deeper levels you may notice it becomes easier to allow a calming of your emotions. The less tight and rigid your body is, the less uptight and rigid your emotions have a chance to be. You may begin practicing this flexibility exercise routine simply for physical considerations and be pleasantly surprised when all other areas of your being and your life are positively affected.

Three aspects need to be addressed if any form of physical therapy and rehabilitation is to succeed. These are Hands-On Work, Body Awareness, and Self-Maintenance.

This realization was crucial to the development of the Flextasy series of movements which includes all three of these aspects necessary for lasting change. As you practice your Flextasy Flexibility movements you are performing bodywork of the highest degree on yourself, affecting circulation, structure, energetics, and movement reorientation. 

Positive effects, both physically and emotionally, will be noticed as tension drains from your body and you learn how not to internalize the stress which accumulates to produce tension. By paying attention to your breath and to what every part of your body is doing at all times, your sense of how your body moves through space and relates to gravity is heightened. 
Practicing Flextasy is like having daily treatments from a whole platoon of different therapists working on every aspect of your being! 

There is tremendous power in taking responsibility for your own malfunctions and healing, to whatever degree is possible.

The movements may be modified to accommodate severe inflexibility and the number of repetitions may be lessened to accommodate those with low stamina or increased for those who wish to tone and strengthen. This in no way lessens their ability to effectively loosen the body by changing the very fabric of the soft tissue, increasing mobility, and most importantly, bringing awareness and space to the joints and hinges, thereby starting the process of waking up and setting free the skeleton.

Misalignment, stiffness in joints, and dense painful tissue are indications of misuse, abuse, or non-use; places where your body is dead or asleep, places where you no longer live. As you do your routine you are waking up your tissue and your skeleton. In doing this you must be patient and persistent; some bodies are more asleep than others. Even if you are extremely inflexible, do not be discouraged by any discomfort as you go through the movements. You must learn to use your pain (restrictions) as a guide, moving towards your discomfort instead of ignoring it, moving away from it by limiting your movements or by drugging yourself into numbness. The restrictions (pain) will soon be worked out by this method. 

Even without changing your diet, Flextasy will begin changing the shape of your body in ways I'm sure you will appreciate!

Performing the multifarious Flextasy Flexibility movements has an effect not unlike oiling all of your joints and hinges!

Flextasy has such a wonderful rejuvenating effect on the soft tissue. Every movement is therapy which organizes and decompresses dense, painful, unhappy tissue. By practicing Flextasy regularly your are performing reconstructive surgery on your body without a scalpel. 
Through the practice of Flextasy the hinges and joints of the body will open and the structural body will allow an unimpeded flow of energy and fluid throughout the tissues and organs. You will learn to use your breathing to keep your body relaxed and the Free Space or natural posture will become second nature to you, giving tension nowhere to accumulate! Flextasy specifically and effectively deals with the accumulation and subsequent elimination and finally, prevention of the pain you know as TENSION.

With increased Flexibility you will also experience the following benefits:

  • Heightened physical performance, and more efficient body movements. It takes less energy to move a flexible joint than a stiff joint.
  • Decreased risk of injury.
  • Joints receive an increase in blood supply and nutrients.
  • Increase in synovial fluid (fluid around a joint), and a decrease in the thickness of it. This allows better nutrient exchange.
  • Increased neuromuscular coordination.
  • Improved balance
  • Decreased risk of lower back pain.