Who is Flextasy™ for?

The Flextasy™ Flexibility and Stretching videos are for anyone who has a skeleton, in other words, for everyone.

It is for the young and the old, the flexible and the not so flexible. Everyone begins where they are and progresses at their own pace. It is not a contest, and special athletic skills or great strength are not needed to begin or to benefit from Flextasy™.

If you are one of the unfortunate many who have let your body become uncomfortable, inflexible and in general out of shape, then take heart, for Flextasy™ is an easy, non-threatening practice which will, from your first session, begin to awaken your body in a pleasurable manner. By practicing each movement slowly and deliberately, at your own pace and to your own limit (the first edge of resistance), gradually all the Flextasy™ movements can be performed easily and smoothly. As this happens you will rejoice in your new body and with an increased vitality as a result of breaking up blocks in the body's energetic system, you will find yourself participating in life with a more positive attitude, perhaps getting from life instead of only getting through it!

If you are already active and flexible then Flextasy™ is perfect for you, too. Usually people who are active and who work out often, have lost an incredible amount of flexibility and range of motion in their joints and hinges by the shortening that inevitably takes place during strenuous activities. I rarely meet anyone, active or not, who can easily perform the Flextasy™ series of movements. In fact, people who are active are more likely to be the most inflexible. I have met world class runners and cyclists who I would have graded a pitiful 2 out of 10 as they tried to do the movements during the class. Think how much better any athlete would be able to perform if their body worked the way it was meant to before it became distorted through one-sided exercise and a flexibility program found lacking. They would have access to all three of the most valuable assets defining physical health: strength(#2), endurance(#3) and flexibility(#1).

It is sad and unfortunate to experience, or witness, the gaining of strength equaling the loss of flexibility, though this is the norm. Has this happened to you? If you are over 30 you have this to look forward to, if it hasn’t happened already.

By adding Flextasy™ to your daily workout you will be insuring that not only will you continue to be strong, flexible, and active as time marches on, you will be effectively lessening your chances of injury or illness.

The movements may be modified to accommodate severe inflexibility and the number of repetitions may be lessened to accommodate those with low stamina or increased for those who wish to tone and strengthen. This in no way lessens their ability to effectively loosen the body by changing the very fabric of the soft tissue, increasing mobility, and most importantly, bringing awareness and space to the joints and hinges, thereby starting the process of waking up and setting free the skeleton.

The movements you make, or fail to make throughout your daily activities determine the form and function of your body. You have built your present body by your chronic and habitual movement patterns and you can reshape and modify your body easier than you may think, simply by changing the ways in which you move. Change the ways you move and you will change your body.

No one wants to grow more stiff and feeble as time passes. Yet this is the program for all but a small minority. For most, like a rusty hinge that gets more and more encrusted and solid, their skeletons lose range of motion and their soft tissue becomes more contracted, dense and painful, day by day. Everyday you are getting stiffer or more flexible and there is very little middle ground. You get stiffer by sitting around, you get tighter by practicing one-sided exercise (exercise consisting of repetitive shortening movements), and you get more flexible by practicing range of motion exercises. It’s really a quite simple equation to figure out.

If you want to be able to make certain movements next week, or next year, then you must practice those movements consistently in the meantime. During the Flextasy™ routine your skeleton is run through a wide variety of perfectly reasonable ranges of motion which most people rarely, if ever, perform.

In doing so, you are creating space in your joints and very nicely massaging and decompressing all of your soft tissue. You are shaping and sculpting yourself a new body. Whether you are a triathlete or a couch potato, if you have noticed over time that you are not as flexible as you used to be, or simply would like to be more flexible, then I wholeheartedly recommend giving this system a try. You have nothing to lose but your pain and frustration!

For the young it is a practice to begin now while it is easier, and to use it throughout your life as a great secret treasure, a Fountain of Youth. For the young and the mature, it is one of the three keys which unlocks the door to health and happiness- these keys being: diet, attitude, and last but not least, Flexibility.

If you want your body to move more like a well-oiled machine and less like a door with rusty hinges then Flextasy™ is for you!