Why are there 2 discs in the set?

Disc one begins with a very informative introduction explaining how your body got to be the way it is and the concepts Flextasy™ is based on. A one hour instructional class follows which teaches the movements making up the Flextasy™ flexibility exercise routine. Use this Disc until you are familiar with all of the movements and can perform them properly.

At this point you can begin using Disc two in which I will lead you through the routine in half an hour. To use Disc two it is important that you know and can do the movements demonstrated on tape one so you do not risk hurting yourself or become discouraged. The idea is to learn the routine in Disc one (1 hour) and then use Disc two (½ hour) the majority of the time. Anyone can find ½ hour a day, 5 times a week, to change their life!