Gravity and your body

Censured Circulation
Scanty Scalp
Humbled Head
Ebbing Eyelids
Stooped Stature
Jelly Jowles
Sinking Spirit
Chiseled Chest
Dipping Discs


Belligerent Belly
Collapsed Colon
Prolapsed Prostrate
Morbid Mobility
Knuckeling Knees
Shocking Shins
Aching Ankles
Flaming Feet

    We can't see Gravity. We can't hear Gravity. Nor can we touch, taste or smell Gravity.
    Thus, when it comes to keeping up our health and beauty, we seldom think about Gravity and its powerful influence over our mental and physical well-being in our earthbound lives.
    Yet, the effects of Gravity's constant downward pull on our faces, necks, shoulders, chests, backs, organs, hips, legs and feet are painfully obvious to most of us
    For instance, it's not old age which causes our bodies to shrink on this planet: It's Gravity! The same universal force that causes our bodies to get out-of-shape in the first place.
    And exercising, to shapeup our bodies, can actually compound the situation. For the more we run, the more we jump, and the more we lift, the more down-to-earth our bodies become-thanks to Gravity.
    Just the weight of one's body on impact with the ground from walking is over twice that as when one is standing still. But no matter where we go on this planet, we can never get away from Gravity: It is always underfoot.
    Gravity never lightens up! Nor does it discriminate. Young or old, rich or poor, fit or unfit, we are all (at every moment) equally hard-pressed not to be brought to our knees (and even fall prostrated) before this well entrenched landlord of the underworld.
     If Gravity can prevent water from flowing upward, it can also prevent the blood in our bodies from flowing upward freely (above our hearts) and into our heads-whenever we sit, stand and sleep with our heads on top of pillows.
    And poor blood circulation up to our eyes, ears, gums, faces, scalps and brains is a good reason why these, our most precious faculties, deteriorate first during our earthly existence.
    For most of us, simply sitting and standing can be a never-ending uphill battle against Gravity. And, whether we realize it or not, the longer we maintain these positions, the more of our human energy is drained by Gravity.
    The heavy hand of Gravity also takes its toll on our internal organs. It compresses our lungs and limits breathing capacity; it prolapses our colons and slows metabolism and elimination. And the colon's descent on our sex organs is a major downer.
    Scientifically speaking-if the oceans and their tides are moved by Gravity-so too are our bodies, and their fluids, moved by Gravity.
    Gravity makes the ground rule! It's the law of the land! And we're all stuck to this planet because of it. In short, no upright person escapes its endless downsizing of the human body.
    Bottomline: Every aspect of our well-grounded existence is undermined by Gravity. And its method sucks!
Plumeting Posture
Yielding Youth
Heavy HeadNagging Neck
Shifted Shoulders
Baggy Bust
Listless Limbs

inversiion tools

Hostile Hips
Falling Fanny
Obscene Organs
Thick Thighs
Buckling Bones
Varicose Veins
Agonizing Arches
Stumbling Steps



We all begin life in the water - in the near-weightless environment of our mothers womb; and, while there, we turn upside-down to prepare for our headfirst entrance into the world.


We spend most of our time sleeping in the bottoms-up position. In Keeping our heads lower than our hearts, we continue to receive a proper supply of blood and oxygen to our brains.

We eagerly seek ways to free our bodies from Gravity's confining grasp. Hence, our exhilaration upon engaging in such activities as bouncing, rolling, sliding, swinging, spinning, etc.

We instinctively elevate our legs and feet on tables, chairs, and desks to counteract Gravity's pull on our bodies. And if we really feel run down, we may even put our legs up on a wall.
We confront Gravity's force, and our inborn fear of falling, every time we get into an elevator or airplane, climb a mountain, ski down a hill, or take a thrilling ride.
We wonder about the enormous research on human survival in gravity-free space, while scientific efforts to understand human survival in Earth's Gravity remains relatively unexplored.