Healthy Cell Concept

Immune system fitness and whole body wellness start with what we like to call the "Healthy Cell Concept™"

Developed by Al Carter, the Healthy Cell Concept, now enjoying its 20th year of world exposure, has been studied, followed, recommended by doctors, health professionals and clients of all shapes and sizes.  
It is really quite simple.  Have the Cytologists, Physiologists, Biologists find out exactly what the cell utilizes, needs, wants, what the problems are down in Cell Town, how the cell "thinks" and behaves. Then take good notes. Understanding basic "Cytology" (actually quite fascinating to all of us here) will motivate you to modify four (4) areas of your life that are under your control. Yes.  YOU help your cells perform their functions well (...or not).  Cells, performing their specific functions as intended, can heal the body faster, delay the aging process ("aging is a myth" says Al) achieve a healthy body composition, remain disease and pain free for longer durations... not to mention the energy by day and the deep sleep waiting for you at night.  Your body is made up of  3 trillion of these little rascals (give or take a few million), busy doing their job 24x7x365, even while you sleep!  ...And what have you done for them lately?  Approaching health and wellness on a cellular level, from a cell's point of view, we learn many amazing and valuable things about our bodies.
Concept One: In order for your cells to be healthy, there are four contributing factors you control by the decisions you make and the habits you form:

If just one of these quadrants is neglected the result can be illness, discomfort, pain, decrease in productivity... well, you get the idea.  Needless to say, knowledge in these four areas is power:

1) Cell Food - In order for the cells to operate, replicate, grow and repair, they need the amazing ingredients of Mother Nature's organic green foods.  You are, quite literally, what you eat.  Scary. Question is, do you consume people food or cell food?  Your dietary content of cellular food could improve.  Your cells are requesting, right now, even as you read this, for you to add Wheatgrass, Blue Green Micro Algae, Kelp, Bioflavonoids, Chlorophyll, Yellow Dock, Acerola Cherry and Rose Hips to your morning oatmeal.  Or, if this doesn't sound appealing to your affinity for people food (I don't blame you), keep reading.  We will share how you can put all of these together, wrap them into tablets and cover in a smooth organic mint plant extract.  Ah, yes. Better. Much.

2) Cell Environment - Your cells are surrounded by fluid (called interstitial fluid).  Since most of it is composed of water, it is safe to say that the purity, the PH and correct trace minerals available of consumed water are critical to your cell environment.  The amount of water consumed is also just as important.  Dehydration causes loss of some functions of the body.  "A reduction of 4 to 5% in  body water could result in a decline of up to 20% in overall work performance." -A.C. Guyton, MD.  As we age, our body's ability to indicate thirst decreases.  As a result, dizziness, some headaches, visual problems and even mental clarity are effected by the decrease in blood volume.  You can improve your own Cell Environment by drinking plenty of PH perfect pure water and supplementing your diet with a perfectly mineralized Cell Food, as described above.  

Improving your body's Cell Water, Step 1:  To establish and maintain the ideal cell environment, you'll need the best Cell Water system.

3) Cell Communication - Your cells communicate and act in unison partly as a result of transmission between them and the brain.  If transmission isn't clear then the cells and organs do not function optimally. Another form of intra-cell communication is the fascinating orchestration of elemental exchange around the cell membranes. Examples include: receptor sites, neurotransmitters, the 'sodium-potassium pump', the entire endocrine system (hormones released, stimulated/inhibited) the exchange of food, oxygen, elimination of waste and bi-products of caloric expenditure (breakdown of food sources to produce ATP and then the bi-products of the breakdown of the stored chemical energy within the ATP molecules to perform cellular activities).  There are nutritional ways you could enhance and "condition" your cellular communication.  

This is a broad area of cell health.  In addition to nutrition and exercise, science is finding and recording the significant positive influences that meditation, prayer, love, relaxation, peace, massage and others, are having on our cell communication and whole-body organ-tissue coordination.  (Say that ten times fast)  Some call this the mind-body link, an area of pychosematics. Others place these with spirituality.  However you choose to categorize them, these are time-tested practices, habits, decisions that can influence even the tiniest of cells.  They come highly recommended!  It is exciting to learn what we always knew, intuitively.

4) Cell Exercise - No, the cells don't have muscles!  However, muscles are made up of specialized cells.   Benefits typically enjoyed as a result of regular exercise are the products of improvement within and around the cells.  (Case in point: increased mitochondria count in response to increased cardiovascular demand) Some improvements occur not only for the muscle cells, but for just about every cell type in the body.  For example, the amazing mechanisms that provide balance and coordination for all body movement (cerebellum, CNS, joint proprioceptors, inner ear) are also made of connected groups of specialized cells.  Like muscle cells, these adapt to demands created by exercise.  An exercise that places these cells in an unfamiliar environment, such as jumping and performing Rebound Aerobics rather than walking on solid ground, more effectively challenges these cells, leading to the conditioning of these cells within their specific function.  This includes the creation of skill set memory and series of movement adjustments for the next time the same activity is performed.  This process is what we refer to when describing the phenomenon of increased coordination, rhythm, timing, dexterity and kinesthetic awareness.  Or, simply put, "I'm more comfortable with it now."

It is fun asking, "Did you know that jumping up and down can actually improve the flow of interstitial fluid between the cells?"  The answer to this question will help you understand how you can assist your white blood cells in their combat efforts.  Interstitial fluid movement decreases localized swelling (lymphatic system stimulation) while circulating your body's defenses (mild immune system response), allowing access to problem areas by the most admirable, bio-specialized cells ever to call your body "home".  Sure.   Move your troops to the front lines where the battle is hottest.  Prevent illness. Your immune system's ability to fight foreign intruders, disease, viruses, cancer, bacteria; combined with your lymphatic system's ability to prevent inflamation (edema) is crucial to your wellness.  Aerobic exercise helps create better circulation, which affects every thing else in the Healthy Cell Concept.  Rebounding is one of the best forms of cell exercise. 

Rebound Exercise, the action of bouncing up and down against gravity, effectively stimulates the lymphatic system without trauma to the musculoskeletal system.  This unique discovery is central to the reasons Rebounding has become one of the most beneficial forms of exercise ever developed.

-written by Darren Carter, BS (Exercise Physiology), RCS (Registered Cardiovascular Sonographer) and Al Carter's son.   Darren has been a participant of Rebound Exercise and the Healthy Cell Theory since their inception  (Well, duh.  Did he have a choice?)