What’s in it for me?

This remarkable DVD set is for those of us who want to be pain-free; who want to be able to pick our children (or grandchildren), or ourselves!, off the floor without a struggle; who want to participate in our chosen activities competently and without injury; and who basically just want to age gracefully without becoming decrepit. It is a bite-size flexibility routine quickly learned and easily incorporated into your life. It is the perfect foundation for any activity or advanced flexibility work (yoga). It is my belief that if you cannot perform the simple movements which make up the Flextasy™ routine, then you have no business participating in any strenuous, athletic activity whatsoever, yoga included. Strong words, but easily demonstrable.

No matter what your current flexibility, I urge you to take heart. With the Flextasy Flexibility System™ you can turn back the clock and return your body to a level of flexibility you thought was long gone. When you are able to perform this routine comfortably and easily you will have achieved for yourself a level of flexibility rare in our society. It’s simple, it’s easy, and making the Flextasy™ routine an integral part of your life is really quite a minor time and energy investment to insure flexibility at any age.