HydroYoga water therapy

EvolutionHealth® is excited and proud to announce
A unique and most extraordinarily effective, cutting-edge Yoga Water Therapy…

Hydro ~Yoga ™ by Blue Dunn
This unique water-based one on one treatment combines aspects of many healing modalites, including: 
Hatha Yoga, Stretching, Postural Realignment, Rebirthing, and

Isolation Tank Deep Sensory Relaxation

The 3-dimensional possibilities of assisted Yoga movements while floating freely in water have the potential to affect the participant Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually.

This work, as all Hatha Yoga self-work, is effective for acute and chronic conditions,
Muscularly, Structurally, and Systemically


You may experience any, or all, of the following Benefits from your Hydro-Yoga™ hands-on personal Yoga treatment:

♥ Pain Relief

♥ Profound Relaxation

♥ Increased Flexibility and Structural Alignment

♥ Detoxification through increased circulation and movement

♥ Increased lubrication of the joints, tendons, and ligaments

♥ Muscular Release and Organization

♥Decompressed organs + looser muscles & joints throughout your whole body

   ♥♥♥A mini-Vacation from ordinary Reality♥♥♥

Why not treat yourself, or someone you love,
to a
Hydro-YogaSession today?...

What you can expect with Hydro ~Yoga ™

The process of a Hydro-Yoga™ treatment consists of your passive body floating weightlessly in the water, supported by strategically placed floatation devices and the therapist’s hands, while being gently stretched and manipulated through therapeutic Yoga Poses. 


As with active Yoga, your body becomes relaxed and energized at the same time. The physical benefits of this work are numerous and far-reaching.

hydro yoga

As your body is moved through the water,
you will have an enjoyable experience of your body quite unlike anything you have ever experienced…

The psychological benefits are also numerous, including: stress reduction, a sense of emotional release and lightness, a sense of
well-being, and even a feeling of connectedness with your Higher Self, or Spirit.


You will be pleasantly astonished by, and appreciative of,
the incredible treatment of Hydro-Yoga™.


warm mineral springs
Warm Mineral Springs North Port, Florida

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Warm Mineral Springs Spa and Wellness Center
is excited and proud to offer
a unique and most extraordinarily effective, cutting-edge Yoga Water Therapy…. Hydro~Yoga ™

*Cost is only $50 for a half hour;
$100 per full hour
(weather permitting)

Register at the Guest Services Desk
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*Ear Plugs are not required,
but are available in the Gift Shop.

Read more about Blue Dunn and his work (Hydroyoga) at the Warm Mineral Springs in North Port, Florida. Read More here.

Warm Mineral Springs is believed to be the “Original Fountain of Youth” sought by the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon. Believers to the healing powers of Warm Mineral Springs say that the highly mineralized waters help ease back pain, gastrointestinal illnesses, various skin diseases, sinusitis and many other ailments.

The Spring's 87 degree water can provide relief for many ailments including skin conditions, stress, pain, muscular problems and arthritis. Visitors travel from around the world to soak in its soothing waters.

hydro yoga