I will be turning 60 this year and have maintained myself, outwardly at least, in somewhat decent shape but over the past few years my physical condition deteriorated into a cycle of pain and limitation which had me considering taking painkillers, although I have not taken any medication over the past 40 years. I was a gym rat for many years and followed an eclectic program of yoga (Bikram, ashtanga), Pilates, Zumba, kettlebells, Spinning, free weights, machines, step classes, etc. Participating in a 5-mile run a few years back, while exhilarating, blew out my ankle and neglecting to address the injury immediately led to a further loss of function and the resulting compensations manifested in agonizing back pain. I have a demanding office job and sit hunched over my computer for 8 hours or more each day, which has taken its toll on my body.

I sought all types of therapies to address my constant pain – chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, rolfing, massage, although none of these modalities had any lasting benefit. I could no longer perform any activities comfortably, even simple ones, and literally had to drag myself up the subway steps to get to work each day.

I had come across Blue Dunn’s website awhile ago and ordered a few of the tools he offers. I gave them a place in my workout cabinet, next to my extensive dvd collection, yoga strap and props, weighted gloves and balls, various sizes of kettlebells and free weights and other assorted equipment and never touched them again. In utter desperation over my compromised functioning, I decided to explore traveling to Florida from Brooklyn, New York to work with Blue personally. I sent an e-mail to the address on his website and was told that Blue would contact me, which he did within a few days. He said he would love to work with me and suggested that I call and let him know my plans. I had a good feeling and immediately booked a flight to Sarasota and a motel room. Blue kept in touch with me and we made plans to meet at the Warm Mineral Springs on the afternoon of my arrival last Saturday.

I arrived in Sarasota and enjoyed the drive down I-75 to the motel. After checking in, I donned my swimsuit and headed down the road to the Warm Mineral Springs. Blue had alerted the staff at the front desk to expect me and they pointed the way to the water where Blue holds his Hydro-Yoga sessions. He was finishing up with another client and shortly it was my turn. I was a bit apprehensive about entering the water and was unsure what to expect. After outfitting me with a latex helmet and wet jacket, flotation devices and propping me on a noodle, Blue started working his magic. He moved me like a rag doll every which way and I felt weightless and at ease. He explained some of the things he was doing as he worked with me. The session went by quickly and Blue instructed me to meet him at his home to do further bodywork that evening.

I went back to my hotel to change and showed up for my first bodywork session. The treatment room was very meditative and relaxing and Blue explained why all the types of exercise I had done up until that point had led me into a state of restricted movement. He had books on anatomy and patiently showed me what was going on with my fascia, muscles and joints. I cannot explain or understand exactly what Blue does but it is a very organic process of physical alchemy and he gradually assists the body in releasing layers of fascial restriction. There were a few tender areas but the process was very pleasant and quite unlike the brutal fascial release therapies I’d endured in the past. Blue has a keen intuitive sense, honed from years of bodywork, of what’s going on in his clients’ bodies and there is a sense that the two of you become one during the sessions.

The next morning I returned to go over some basic self-maintenance exercises which Blue recommended I do each day in order to restore full function and mobility to my body and which would eventually lead to my only requiring maintenance in order to remain in balance and alignment.

We worked together with the next four days and I acquired a wealth of information and experienced huge improvements in my alignment and flexibility and significantly reduced pain levels. I was able to take his Flextasy class at the Warm Mineral Springs and we also had a private session. He pointed out all the movements I was able to comfortably perform on the fifth day which I would not have been able to do when I arrived.

I had one final Hydro-Yoga session before returning to New York with my arsenal of self-maintenance tools, printouts and dvds. I felt like a fledgling leaving the nest and venturing off on my own. I am excited to incorporate the Flextasy routine into my daily life and even brought a set of self-maintenance tools to work so that I can counteract the negative effects of working at a computer for long hours. I am now looking forward to making quantum gains in my physical condition rather than continuing the downward spiral of deterioration. I cannot adequately thank Blue for all he did for me. He is passionate about helping people get out of pain and free their bodies from the “spacesuits” we are imprisoned in and develop lithe and flexible animal bodies. I can unconditionally recommend, and strongly urge, that anyone who can possibly do so take advantage of the opportunity to work personally with Blue. For those who are unable to travel to Florida, ordering his Flextasy dvds and self-maintenance tools and doing the exercises each day will make a profound difference in their lives and stave off the ravages of advanced age that most people in our society experience. While some of the exercises appear deceptively simple, they are surprising difficult for most people to execute and are the preparatory work needed to unravel years of stress, improper exercise and poor body mechanics. It is incredibly liberating to release this stress and experience physical freedom.

Love and light,
Suzy M
Suzy M
I just wanted to let you know that the S.R.C. is by far the best adaptogen I have ever tried. My experience goes a little something like this: It was a Friday I believe and I was on the way to my significant others house. I had taken the S.R.C. just about twenty minutes earlier and all of a sudden while in route I experienced this primal energy. It was like nothing I have ever felt. I was literally compelled to get out the car and start running. Weeks into taking the S.R.C, other improvements arose such as a lighter mood, even more energy than the ride in the car (LOL), better breathing, more intense workouts, and skin moisture improvement! This adaptogen is touted as a weight loss cure and/or aid and indeed it is but it does so much more. Im living proof as are the hundreds that consume this herb daily in the Georgian Republic. According to Dr. Zakir Ramazanov Rhododendron Caucasicum alleviates and helps the following: weight management, heart disease and artherosclerosis, restores heart damage and cardiovascular function, mitral valve prolapse, arthritis, diabetes, gout, bacterial and viral infections...... Dr. Zakir Ramazanov never said this but from my own personal experience and extensive background in Biochemistry and Natural Medicine I would have to say it improves skin moisture due to its antagonistic effects on hyaluronidase. Hyaluronidase breaks down the all important muchopolysacharride Hyaluronic Acid which is responsible for retaining moisture in the ground tissues of the body such as the cartilige and collegen. If you abolish or greatly reduce the function of hyaluronidase then it means that the joints and skin are able to retain or restore lost moisture levels. At any rate the S.R.C. is a must have, I beseech you on behalf of great health to try some.... YOU WON'T BE SORRY!!!!
Eric J
You were very instrumental in my purchase decision because I knew your customer service was going to be a pleasant experience as evidenced by how quick you got back to me. Your efficiency, personality, and knowledge raises the bar for others to strive for.

Thanks again,

Keith L
Evolution Health was a very good experience for me. I had ordered a particular expensive item and because of circumstances my item was back ordered. Evolution Health and their customer representative were very accommodating above and beyond my expectations. They made me feel as though I was their most important customer. They took a potential volatile situation and worked with me to my satisfaction. Thank you again Evolution Health, especially their kind customer service rep.
Dave O.
Just a little testimonial about your product. It's great! the MSM combined with the Pure Radiance C is excellent. I use three table spoons of msm and one quarter teaspoons of radiance c twice a day. the results are phenomenal. I suffered from chronic fatigue, heavy legs and extreme joint stiffness on my left hip due to an accident twenty nine years ago. This i am blessed to say does not exist anymore in my life since starting the msm and c regimen. Also I used to suffer from heavy breathing after a flight of stairs due to severe sinusitis, allergies and being overweight. Needless to say i also suffered with four to five severe colds a year, either sinus attacks would lead to a cold or a cold would trigger sinus attacks and usually the allergy symptoms would increase as well. Since starting an msm regimen in March of 2007 I have not had so much as a sniffle. God bless everyone who finds this miracle.
John M.

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