> I received my yoga toes and flextasy DVD when I arrived in SD at the
> beginning of this week. I had never anticipated the yoga toes to be so
> amazing and only wish that I had gotten them sooner!
> I have neuropathy in my right and left toes most likely a result of
> frost bite that I developed many years ago.I also have severe leg
> cramps (calves in particular) for which I used to take quinine (no
> longer dispensed ) and replaced by qualaquin. Before going to bed, I
> apply a topical solution known as Neuragen which has some effect but
> no much,
> As a result of this RX plan, I spend most nights with frequent
> awakening in which I have to suffer terribly from the agonizing
> toe/foot.calve pain.Since using yoga toes for only the past 3 nights,
> I have not had any awakening or pain. I wear them for about 15
> min.before going to sleep and then take them off, I sleep like a
> baby.
> Thank you,
> Marilyn F.
Marilyn F.
I recently purchased the Flextasy DVDs and I can\\\'t believe the relief that I have experienced from my sciatica in just a week\\\'s use of the stretches...the first day in fact.

I work with the Silver Sneakers program and teach exercise to various levels of seniors 65+. Our classes can be taught standing, in a chair and some floor. I would love to incorporate these stretches into our workouts and recommend the future DVD to my students, because I believe it would be a tremendous benefit to them.

When do you anticipate the release of the Flextasy Lite DVD? Would it be possible to email upon the release?

Thank you.
Teri H.
Evergreen, CO
Teri H.

My fiancé and I recently purchased our Sauna from Evolution Health and we can't say enough about the product and service we have received. This was a purchase we have considered for quite some time and we did exhaustive research on the type we felt would be most beneficial since my fiancé has Fibromyalgia. My decision to buy a 4 person, Carbon Fiber unit from Evolution Health was excellent. The entire process from placing the order to delivery and set up went smooth and flawless. They were courteous and professional and as the unit was shipped from California to my home in Illinois They kept on top of it from start to finish. The overall construction was better than I expected and assembly was a snap, we had the unit together in less than an hour! Now that it is up and running, we use it almost every day. We have both felt the health benefits and the relaxation it provides. We do about 1/2 hour per session and it has improved our over all health as well as providing renewed energy after a long day. The only minor issue we had was a noisy Ionizer which was replaced quickly and without question. I am 100% satisfied. Thank you Evolution Health for your product and service, I would recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a in-home sauna!!

R. Anderson
Oregon, Illinois
R. Anderson

Received the Flextasy dvd's yesterday and did the disk #1 workout after I had done 3 sets of the Harry Snider workout on the rebounder.

Bottom line........my body got a wake up call. Most of the sitting down exercises where next to impossible for me. I did them....but, will have to really work on them. I can't remember how long it's been since I could sit comfortably on the floor, with & without my legs crossed. It's not pretty!!! (40 yrs?) My knees hurt after I was through with your workout today. I'm sure from my attempt to re-a line the old body from the different positions. I've spent most of my life not being what I would call functionally flexible.

I also do a Kettle bell & Indian Club routine & recently started my punching bag and speed bag workout.

Will keep-on-keeping on with the dvd's & am sure in a month or so will see a difference.

BTW: I use the Teeter Hang-ups & foam rollers daily. Thank heavens for them.............

Q. Could you send me 6 or so of your catalogs for my clients at work? Most of them are in my age group (68yrs) & may like to take one home with them.

Thank you for some amazing information on your site. I've spent over 4 hours saving info from Evolution Health to my note taking program for further study. Great stuff!!!!

Ken M.
Ken M.
I have been actively involved in natural health care since 1964. In all of these decades I have had the opportunity to treat and be treated by a long list of excellent therapists of every describable specialty, such as massage, acupuncture, rolfing, and many others. While I was visiting Warm Springs Florida , my good friend Sima suggested that I have a private session with Blue Dunn. When I arrived for my appointment, I was delighted to see the large library of books that Blue had collected with an in depth focus on anatomy and physiology, with an emphasis on his specialty- releasing the fascia. I enjoyed the ambiance of Blue’s treatment room, which enhanced the ability of taping into one’s energetic essence to work along with the therapeutic modality that Blue employs. Blue has also created a unique , one of a kind apparatus, that allows him to work in a specific flowing movement that works very deeply into the fascia. He explained his goal of releasing, and as he stated ‘melting’ the fascia, which holds onto traumatic occurances to the body. The trauma to fascia causes it to freeze in place and maintain blockages that interfere with nerve flow, muscle elasticity and meridian energy flow over time. This, in turn, can cause various imbalances in the body that can lead to pain, discomfort and other health issues. I am fortunate to enjoy an excellent state of wellness and energy. The only traumatic event that I could recall was a very bad horseback riding accident when I was 12 years old. I have had an ‘awareness’ in the area of my lower back ever since. After Blue Dunn’s treatment, I can honestly say that it was the first time that I could remember having no sensation in the area at all! In addition, the migraine headaches that I sometimes deal with also stopped occurring. I would definitely recommend Blue Dunn’s innovative , deep and transformative therapy to everyone!
Ellen K, PhD , RN, AHG, AHN-BC

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