Abdominal Release Ball


The Ab Ball
Instructions for Releasing Tension in the Psoas Muscles, Abdomen, Organs, and Colon;

Freeing the Diaphragm and Dissolving Emotional Toxic Waste

The Ab Ball is the most effective tool I know of for releasing tension in the abdomen. It releases tension in the abdominal muscles such as rectus abdominus and the obliques, as well as releasing tension in the fascial web supporting the organs and releases tension in the colon and the organs themselves, thereby promoting organ health. Perhaps the most important release work in this area happens with the Psoas muscles, which tie your spine, ribcage (diaphragm), pelvis, and legs together and are the muscles primarily responsible for your upright posture and affects most movement.

What you may not know is that this practice of lying on a ball like this is also instrumental in relieving lower back pain. If you suffer from low back pain, and this includes sacroiliac pain, then get on the ball and be consistent until you can lie on the ball anywhere in the area between your ribs and your pelvis and experience no pain, even when breathing.

The practice is as follows…
Lie on the floor with the ball in your gut and your hands palms up with the ball between your thumbs and first fingers. This allows you to take some of your weight on your forearms until you can relax down onto the ball. Find a spot where there is little or no pain and work out from there.

If one spot will not release and is too painful, do not get stuck there, simply move the ball around on a slow tour, one spot at a time, through the whole area between your ribs and your pelvis. Little by little you will erase all the pain in this area and the results will be drastic and many. Your breathing will be easier and fuller, tension in your whole body will be diminished, you will experience a sense of lightness, and the pain in your back will diminish as the pain in your front diminishes. They are two sides of one coin.

Through this work you may experience emotional releases of varying intensity as this area is the seat of stagnate emotions, being linked to the breath and the solar plexus. Don't be discouraged if it feels horrible at first, because it probably will, rather be happy you now have a means to address this tension and distortion safely on your own, at your own pace. GO SLOW and BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF. Remember, you are not forcing anything to let go, you are relaxing and dissolving your pain and tension, with your awareness and your Breath. If you're not breathing, with full relaxing exhales, you are not going to get the Release you are after.

I recommend at least 10 minutes a day (on an empty stomach) until you are pain-free and then periodically check it out to make sure the entire area is staying clear (no tension, no pain).