Ape Walk

This is one of 3 extremely effective movement exercises which I call Power Moves. These would be the equivalent of Nutrient-Dense Super Foods, such as Bee Pollen, Dulse (a very tasty nutritious seaweed), Green Powder Drinks (like Pure Synergy Greed SuperFood), etc…

The 3 moves are Slow Squats, which can performed at your kitchen sink; the Full Body Spinal Roll Downs, which are included in the info pack you received with your order (and are available on my website); and the Ape Walk.

Here’s how you do it

Step your feet out semi-wide with your feet turned out somewhat, bend at the waist and place your palms on the floor out in front of you. Your knees are bent and your fingers are spread wide like the paws of a big animal (which you are). Let your head hand loose. There will at all times be equal weight distributed between the four points of your hands and feet.

Begin slowly shifting your weight from front to back, from feet to hands. Then shift your weigh from side to side, right foot and hand to left foot and hand. Shift your weight diagonally from left foot to right hand and from left hand to right foot. Shift your weight around in a circle from point to point. In other words, you’ll be shifting your weight around slowly in every possible way.

You can now begin to slowly move around the floor, moving one foot or hand at a time as you move around. As you do this you’ll be bending your knees as much as you can, bending your arms too, letting your head and neck hang loose and go with the slow movements you’re doing.

If done properly you will experience loosening massaging movement through your entire spine, your shoulder girdle and shoulder cuffs, your hip joints, your sacroiliac joints, and your neck. Work on keeping your heels down and your palms flat on the floor with your fingers spread as wide as you can. If this bothers your wrists, just stop and do some wrist rolls, with your forearms together, your hands clasped and your fists then moving in circles, both directions.

If you can’t even bend over to reach the floor (yikes!), put your hands on the seat of a chair or low table until your body loosens up enough to reach the floor.This is a great move to do upon getting out of bed, or anytime you need a full body loosening up. Good Luck!