Wholesale bodylift (6 unit minimum)

Wholesale bodylift (6 unit minimum)
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Price: $120.00
Manufacturer: Evolution Health and Fitness, LLC
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Bodylift yoga prop


Yoga prop to safely perform the yoga headstand. The Bodylift yoga prop is perfect for yoga studios and yoga teachers, offer a safe and simple alternative the the traditional yoga headstand or shoulder stand. The bodylift is easier and safer to use than blankets or wood blocks.

The BodyLift yoga headstand inversion tool will turn your life around safely and easily! Today, yoga health and wellness techniques are taught at nearly every health club, spa, and school in America. Indeed, Yoga, an ancient and renown art, is recognized as an outstanding means of helping people to quickly relax and rejuvenate - both mentally and physically.

BODYLIFT™ Yoga Headstand: Uplifting your life...and your lifestyle!

With the aid of the modern BodyLift yoga headstand prop, your students and clients can experience the benefits of the famous Yoga Headstand easily and safely. The BodyLift requires no special strength, balance or agility. Your shoulders rest on the foam cushion. Your head dangles off the floor. Your neck stretches naturally to relieve tension and headaches. Beginners start of using a wall for balance and can graduate to using the bodlyift without the wall when they have developed more strenght and balance.

"Promoting overall health and beauty for the human body.”

Includes a 10 year warranty on material & Craftsmanship. Constructed of oval-shaped (silver) metal legs, and a molded (black) foam cushion. It weights 11 lbs. You can assemble it in two minutes so you can easily take it with you anywhere. Each Bodylift Measures: 14"H x 18"L x 20" W

Click here for more information and to see videos and pictures of the Bodylift Yoga prop in practice.

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