Inversion Swing

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Inversion Swing

The Inversion Swing is made from materials strong enough to hold thousands of pounds. The luxurious padding around the molded seat and the ropes gives added comfort to your lower back, pelvis, and legs. The weight of your body is supported by your hips, eliminating the strain on the ankles and knees. You can perform sit-ups, pull-ups, leg lifts, or just "hang in" and stretch your back, shoulder, and hamstring muscles.

An instructional booklet is included to get you started right away enjoying a more flexible spine, reduced stress, and better health. Supports 225 pounds. Weighs six pounds.

Note: the Door Gym as seen in picture is sold separately or you can buy the combo pack with door gym for a discounted price.

Blue’s rap on the Inversion Swing
The Inversion Swing is one of my all-time favorite Self-Maintenance Tools. Even if it wasn’t good for you to do I would probably still do it simply because it feels so good and it’s fun. I used to make my own out of ropes, rubber boat/dock bumper guards, carabineers, and foam pipe insulation. Those worked fine but when I was given one of these deluxe, super comfy swings as a gift, I gave my home-made ones away. This Inversion Swing is the RollsRoyce of Inversion Swings. Well-made and extremely comfortable to hang in. This type of Inversion, suspended by your pelvis with your legs in a frog position, is hard to beat. You can also spread your legs in a V.

If you have the space, I suggest adding a rope attached to a wall (the wall your back is facing when you’re hanging upside down), with a dowel about 18 or 20 inches long attached to it. You’ll pull yourself up the rope and grab the dowel; you’ll now be face-down, horizontal to the floor and be able to twist yourself from side to side, stretching your ribs apart, stretching your psoas muscles, and your entire spine, as well as opening your shoulders. Nothing quite compares with that particular full-body multi-dimensional stretch! The only consideration is having a place to safely attach the 2 eye-bolts required, to some kind of overhead beam. Anyone with any kind of mechanical know-how should be able to figure that out, and the rest of you can easily enlist the aid of a carpenter or someone else who can get you set up. Believe me when I tell you that it will be well worth the effort.

*And try to put it in a place where you can leave it up, so that it won’t be a bother to set it up and use it. Too many great ideas and tools wind up in the garage or the closet, out of sight, and never get utilized the way you intended them to be used when you acquired them.

  • Partial List of Benefits:
  • Disk decompression
  • Stretches, releases, and aligns the spine itself and all the back muscles
  • Shoulder girdle release
  • Opens the hips and groin
  • Lets internal organs reorganize
  • Hair growth



Congratulations on purchasing, owning, and adding to your arsenal of Rejuvenation Tools, an extremely righteous piece of Self-Maintenance Equipment.

I’m sure you’re excited about this new purchase, this new addition to your “stuff”. This Inversion Tool you’ve manifested into your life could very well be one of the most important “things” you’ll ever own. It has the potential to change every aspect of your life, beginning with all aspects of your Health.

I beg you to not let this apparatus you’ve found, and now own, to become another dust collector. If you will use this Tool on a consistent, daily basis, I guarantee you that you will be well rewarded for your efforts. I’m convinced, after my years of research and experimentation with every type of “body tool”, that the practice of Inversion Therapy is one of the cornerstones, one of the pillars, one of the Keys to Rejuvenation, Health, and Well-Being…

There are immense benefits to this kind of work on your self. I won’t go into all of the specific positive and myriad ways that Inversion Therapy, getting your body inverted, upside-down, is good for; because a simple search on the internet about the benefits of Inversion Therapy will yield you more than you’ll ever need to know. Suffice to say here that by using Inversion Therapy on a daily basis, you will automatically be putting yourself into such a minute minority of people who are enjoying and benefiting from this incredibly simple, yet profoundly effective practice.

*You’ll want to begin Slowly, gradually increasing the amount of time you’re able to comfortably remain inverted. I’ve come across many people, most in fact, who when inverted immediately feel as though their head is going to explode; and in fact it is. This is because from always being vertical with the head up, and at best being horizontal when sleeping (with the head up on a pillow) the tube systems in their head has become extremely compromised and unable to handle the increased flow of fluid through those tube systems.

So again, go Slow at first as you begin your Inversion Practice, and ease yourself into it.

Best of Luck to you in your Quest for Health,
Blue Dunn


Door Gym combo

You can also add the following accessories for the inversion swing:

door gymThe Door Gym Inversion Swing Combo Pack The mini-gym that fits in your doorway! Now you can do chin-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, and stretching exercises in the comfort of your own home. Use it with the Inversion Swing and AbOriginals for a full-body workout, including inversion exercises.

The Door Gym secures itself instantly, without screws or nails. And it won't damage doorways like ordinary pull-up bars. Just place over door frame, grab hold of bar, and pull down to begin workout. Fits doorways fron 21" to 32" wide. Sturdy steel tube design with adjustable foam-cushioned grips supports up to 225 lbs.

Note: Most houses in the US are build with 2x4 framing with standard doors (max 36" wide).
If your house has thicker walls and wider doors the doorgym might not fit.

Good for people up to 6 feet tall

Inversion Swing plus Door Gym Comb Pack :$199.00 plus $18 shipping

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