Inversion Workout


  • Using a Teeter™ inversion table naturally encourages proper alignment in the weight-bearing skeleton, promoting good posture, symmetry, and balance.
  • Inversion with a Teeter™ increases the moisture content in the soft tissue of the joints, increasing shock absorption, flexibility, as well as reducing the chance of injury.


  • Perform inverted sit-ups and back extensions to develop and define the core muscles. Strong abdominals, internal and external obliques, and lower back muscles provide support for the torso.
  • Inverted squats on the Power VI tighten and lift the glutes, as well as strengthen hamstrings.
  • Inversion naturally increases the collagen content in the ligaments for better joint support.


  • The gentle decompression achieved in as little as five minutes restores the moisture and nutrient content to the joints after high impact or compressive activities, leading to better long-term function.
  • Increased intervertebral separation and healthier discs can result in the relief of back pain, healthier nerve roots and improved joint mobility.
  • Inversion expedites muscle development by stimulating lymph and blood flow to remove the lactic acid and cellular debris that is a result of a strenuous workout, thus reducing soreness in muscles and making room for new growth.