Well Water


Emco Tech Ionizers are designed to produce high quality filtered ionized water from municipal (treated) water systems. However, treated municipal water in some areas of the country - such as parts of Arizona, Southern California, Texas, Utah, New Mexico and the mid west - and some well water sources may exceed the parameters mentioned below. 

If you have hard water, whether it is well or municipal, contact IonWays with the information mentioned below to assure years of dependable operation from your ionizer. If you are not certain about the hardness of your sources water, please consult with your local water provider and refer to the Water Quality article located in the back office in your resource section. Some municipal water is now being treated with chloramine instead of chlorine. Water treated with chloramine may require special pre-filtration. 

  • If your source water is from a well, it must be analyzed so that any pre-filtration needs can be addressed. This will ensure the performance and longevity of your investment.  
  • The information we require to insure maximum benefit and functionality are: TDS (total dissolved solids), hardness, pH, iron, and calcium.  
  • Your local County or State Health Agency may offer free or low cost water testing. We recommend contacting them first.      
  • If you have water softeners or other filtration in place, please get the water tested after this filtration, we want to know what is in the water going into the Ionizer.  

It is not recommended to use an ionizer without pretreatment in areas with water that has the following measurements:

  • Hardness (or Calcium Carbonate) over 150ppm (8.5 grains)
  • Iron over .3ppm,
  • TDS below 40ppm or over 600ppm
  • Calcium above 50ppm

Email or fax a copy of your water report to Evolution Health – including levels of TDS, Calcium, Hardness, and Iron - for a free analysis. Once your report has been reviewed we will a pre-filtration system if needed. 

For the health of your family and yourself, we also recommend testing for other constituents including coliform bacteria, nitrites/nitrates, arsenic, and fluoride. This is not required for the operation of the machine, but is encouraged for the health and well being of you and your family.