Structural Balancing

Structural Balancing


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Structural Balancing

Body Mechanic
Blue Dunn
Holistic Health Practitioner

What is Evolution™?

Evolution™ is the flowering of a process begun by Blue Dunn in 1982.
It includes:

  • the most comprehensive and effective system of Hands-On Bodywork you'll find anywhere

  • the Flextasy Functional Flexibility Routine®: the "Owner's Manual for your Structural Body"

  • learning how to use a whole arsenal of Self-Maintenance Tools to release tension from your musculature and to restructure your skeleton

  • the use of Balance to rewire and reorganize your neuromuscular system and align your skeleton

  • Rebounding with small weighted balls: the most concentrated, effective way to tone and strengthen your body with the least damaging repercussions. This is the very best holistic, full-body integrated, cardio-vascular and muscular- strengthening system there is.

  • Nutrient-Dense Whole Foods and Supplements, and Instructional Resources for Fasting (drink free from Nature's Fountain of Youth)

*Remember: Health Insurance will not keep you healthy; creating health is up to you.

The Evolution™ Process

Phase 1: Hands-on Myofascial Release

  • Identify soft tissue disorganization and resultant skeletal distortion by visuals, palpation, and manipulation

  • Find muscles, tendons, ligaments, or areas of fascia which are tight, compressed, sticky, or dense and which will be inevitably sore and I'll work those areas until the tissue decompresses and the skeleton aligns; pain will diminish and your skeletal movement is freed

  • Release stuck muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, from one another and the bones they connect, allowing the skeleton to shift

  • Release the skin and superficial fascial envelope prior to deeper work

Phase 2: Maintenance and Awareness

  • You'll learn the use of specifically designed Self-Maintenance Tools to allow you to continue the Evolution™ process on your own, hopefully for the rest of your life. Using these tools speeds up the process, empowering you to discover your own pain cycle and dissolve your own unique patterns and habits that created your problems to begin with.

  • You'll learn the Flextasy Functional Flexibility Routine® which will teach you how to stay flexible indefinitely…

What are the benefits of Evolution™?

What you'll gain from this process:

  • Alignment and proper posture
  • Relief from acute and chronic pain
  • Greater skeletal freedom and a fluidity and ease of movement
  • A clearer understanding of your conscious and unconscious body
  • Reduced muscular stress and tension, and an increase in vital energy
  • Changes in old movement and holding patterns that will allow a shift in your consciousness
  • The ability to decrease internalizing emotional stress and to release physical stress before it debilitates
  • Techniques and methods to ensure lifelong flexibility, a pain-free body, and an effective response mechanism to gravity and stress
  • Psychological and emotional shifts and healings resulting from physical releases and translating into personal transformation on the deepest levels; in other words:

Growth and Evolution…
"As the body softens, relaxes, and aligns, new and delightful sources of energy become available, enabling you to enjoy spontaneity, more emotional choices, and clearer insight."
It doesn't get any better than that.

Who is Blue Dunn?

With a long list of teaching credentials in the States and Abroad, Blue Dunn is known as the "Therapist's Therapist"; he is
a Structural Body-Mechanic Extraordinaire,
a skilled Tightwire Walker and Instructor, creator of the Flextasy Functional Flexibility System®, Author, Innovator and Inventor, Personal Fitness Trainer, an experienced Faster, and a healthy vegetarian since 1975.

My Goal and Mission

My goal and mission is to do amazing Structural Release Realignment Bodywork on you and to teach you everything I've learned about how to end your confusion about all the methodologies out there.

I've figured out how the body gets distorted and how to correct it. I know the most effective, and least destructive ways to become healthy, strong, and fit.

I want to demystify for you the process by which you can regain health and fitness; I want to be a coach who can save you time, effort, energy, and money by showing you easy fail-proof methods you can use.

Most importantly, I want to give you the tools and the know-how to achieve whatever degree of health and fitness you wish to achieve.

I've discovered health and fitness is a very logical, mechanical process and what you reap depends entirely on what you sow; and I'll teach you the very best of what works…

I want to work with people who are ready to make major changes in their lives; those having a sense that the gym and infomercial hypes are not complete, functional systems and who are looking for a comprehensive health regime… ~~~Blue Dunn

For Those Who Wish to Change®

I guarantee your time and money spent will be well worth the investment because this bodywork, information, and training will create a positive change in your relationship to your body, and thusly, your life.

   Yours for health,
       Blue Dunn