Excerpts from the Original Patent Documents

MSM: Excerpts from the Original Patent Documents


  • Relieving acute pain in humans. 
  • Relieving muscle and leg cramps. 
  • Relieving post-athletic activity fatigue. 
  • Relieving arthritis and other sources of pain. 

  • Reducing the adverse response to inhalant allergies. 
  • Benefits to allergies and other sensitivities. 
  • Providing relief from the symptoms of lung dysfunction. 
  • Benefits to lung tissue. 

    Hair and Nails
  • Benefits for scalp and hair. Improved nail growth. 
  • Improved hair and hair growth. 
  • Benefits for cuticles and nails. 

  • Benefits to skin and internal organs.
  • Favorable response in treating acne (including grade 4). 
  • Resistance to sun and wind burn.
  • Accelerated wound healing. 
  • Improvement of adverse/diseased skin conditions. 
  • Treats psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. 
  • Effectiveness in preserving the pliancy of connective tissue. 
  • Countering crosslinking of collagen associated with aging. 
  • Primary and secondary pruritus, acne rosacea and diverse other dermatological problems which are often allergy related respond favorable to a diet supplemented with MSM. 


  • Improved the chemical profile of arthritic patients (e.g. providing relief from pain and stiffness. 
  • Reduced swelling and inflammation, coupled with a return of blood chemistry toward normalcy). 
  • Reducing or eliminating hypersensitivity problems associated with oral medications (such as nonsteroidal antiarthritic agents). 

  • Pain Associated with Systematic Inflammatory Disorders
  • Individuals presenting signs and symptoms of pain and inflammation associated with various musculoskeletal system disorders reported substantial and long lasting relief while including MSM in their daily diet. 
  • Migraine sufferers have obtained substantial relief with MSM. 

    Muscle Cramps
  • Muscle cramps 
  • Muscle spasms 
  • Night leg cramps 
  • Leg and back cramps after long periods of inactivity or in Athletes such as runners who experience cramps during the participation in their sport. 

    Mental Normalcy
  • Increased alertness. 
  • Enhanced ability to concentrate. 
  • Reduced mood changes. 
  • Mood elevator. 
  • Particularly very infrequent depression observed that MSM relieved depression within hours rather than days, as had been their prior experience with anti-depression medication. 

    Digestive Tract
  • Oral hygiene for mouth and gums. 
  • Relief from chronic constipation. 
  • Improved sense of taste and smell. 
  • Relief from diarrhea. 
  • Controlling and relieving problems associated with gastric hyperacidity and/or epigastric pain. 

    Parasitic Infections
  • MSM has an alleviating or curing effect on a variety of parasitic microbial infections. Efficacy Can be determined by invitro testing to determine growth inhibition or killing of the specific Organism by exposure to MSM at various concentrations. MSM has the ability to return the Parasite susceptible tissue to normalcy with no impairment or injury to the host. 

  • Maintenance of good health. 
  • Enhancing the immune system. 
  • Benefits for eye inflammation. 
  • Benefits as a food additive. 
  • Benefits as a diet supplement. 
  • Benefits to internal organs. 
  • Reduction in hypertension. 
  • Enhances vitamin C, other antioxidants, and other bioflavanoids.