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OMGYM set up

Easily set up your OmGym up in 60 seconds or less! Trees, Kids' Playgrounds, Ceiling Hooks, Support Beams, Gym Equipment, OmGym Bar, Inversion Rack, Porches...

OMGYM Set-up instructions for a bar or tree 

Set-up instructions for hammock use

Set-up instructions for hanging your omgym sling using ceiling hooks

OmGym Portable Stand Assembly Instructions

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OMGYM Set-up instructions for a bar or tree

Choose a secure bar or sturdy horizontal support that is at least 8 inches higher than the top of your head. Ideally, there should be at least one meter of space in all directions around you when you stand underneath of the bar.

Place protective cloth (sold separately, recommended to protect the rope) around the bar. Wrap ropes around the cloth, body-width apart from each other. (You may choose to do one at a time.) Thread the cut end of each rope through the loop at the other end. Pull it through, until the rope is wrapped tightly around the overhead bar. The rest of the knotted rope should dangle down...

 You can then hang the sling and handle sets at the height desired. Hook the steel "S" hooks over the knots of your choice, between the two lines of rope. Keep in mind your intention for using the OmGym when you choose the height. If you would like to perform basic inversion (OmAsana), the sling should be high enough to allow your head to safely and comfortably dangle freely while you are hanging upside-down. A huge variety of settings is often used with regular use. Play around to see what is most comfortable for you in each position.

Hook the sling and handles to the same height, or adjust to separate levels for varied intensity.

Always Remember for Safety:
Each knot has 2 lines of rope tied into it. When hooking in the "S" hook, be sure to hook it between the two lines of rope, directly above the knot.

You may also choose to use:

  • A ladder (for high bars)
  • Extra rope (Choose the rock climbing rope, designed to safely support body weight indoors and out. It is best to slightly burn the edges after cutting them to avoid fray. Available with pre-burned edges at the OmGym Shop)
  • Cloth (To wrap around and protect your support beam at home. This will help protect the rope as well. Highly recommended, especially for use on trees)

Set-up instructions for hammock use

For hammock set-up, tie the ropes as directed, with at least four feet of space in between them.

Only the sling is necessary for hammock relaxation.

Just the handle sets can also be used.

Set-up instructions for hanging your omgym sling using ceiling hooks
You will need:

  • Either a stud finder or hammer with small nail
  • Drill with 1/8 inch wood drill bit
  • 2-3 Lag screw eye bolts rated for 250 pounds or more each (3 for optional hammock use)
  • Marker
  • Stepping stool (optional) 
  1. Locate 2 parallel hidden support beams (joists) that you would like to use for setup. You can do this by tapping a small nail into the ceiling or by using a stud finder.*Support beams are usually 16 or 24 inches apart.  You can put one eye bolt in each beam to maximize support strength.  If you are at all unsure of the strength of your indoor overhead support due to water damage, termites, or any other reason, please seek professional assistance before setting up the OmGym Sling.  Note: Support beams are strongest when they are closest to the wall.  Look for an area that will allow you to move freely, yet remain in close proximity to the wall.  (Approximately 3-4 feet from the wall is best). 
  1. Locate the center line of each support beam.  Positioning the eye bolts in the center line of the beam is a must to maximize the weight-bearing capacity of the hidden beam.  
  1. Mark two points on the ceiling for drilling.  They should both be in the center line of the beam.  Note: A third eye bolt can be installed approximately 6 feet further for hammock use.  In this case, mark the third point as well, at the center line of the third beam.  Continue, following the directions, with three eyehooks.  
  1. With a wood drill bit, drill 1/8 inch holes at the marked points.  Make sure the holes are drilled 5-6 inches deep and perpendicular to the ceiling.
  1. Screw the lag screw eye bolt in, until all threads have disappeared into the holes.  Do not loosen them or adjust them once in place.  
  1. Thread the looped end of 1 rope through the eye of 1 eye bolt. Similar to the procedure for setup on a bar or tree, move the cut end of the rope through the looped end of the rope and pull to tighten.  The knotted rope should then securely dangle down from the eye bolt. Repeat with the remaining rope and eyebolt.  

  1. Hook each “S” hook of your Sling directly above the desired knot of your choice, between the lines of knotted rope.  Refer to picture to clarify position.  Repeat to hang the handle sets.  For optimal and varied use, hang only the sling or just the handle sets at your discretion.  
  1. Check bolts, rope, and all components of the OmGym Sling before every use.  Should bolts loosen or change position over time, discontinue use immediately.
  1. Replace rope as needed. If the OmGym Sling is left outside, we recommend replacing the ropes at least once every 6 to 12 months.  This will vary, depending on weather conditions.  For indoor use, we recommend replacement every 18 to 36 months.  Nylon ropes can be found at your local hardware store.  Check packaging for declared holding weight before purchase.  After cutting, rope ends should be burned slightly to prevent fray.  Once allowed to cool, they can be knotted according to your adjustment preferences.

OmGym Portable Stand

1) top bar (1)

2) intermediate legs (4)
3) lower leg right  green (2)
4) lower leg left orange (2)
5) bracing straps (4)


----- Make sure you have all the listed parts -----

  1. Attach the (4) intermediate legs over to the legs of the top bar.
    Take note of the color (rotating the leg while sliding it in will help it slide in easier)
  2. Align the holes, screw in the bolts until they are flush with the metal.
  3. Lay the stand on one side with the two legs laying horizontal to the ground.
  4. Attach the (4)lower legs, the color should match with the color on the legs of the top bar.
  5. Make sure the metal loop faces inward. align the holes, screw in the bolts until they are flush with the metal.
  6. Lift up the stand.
  7. Attach the bracing straps by looping them under the metal loop and snapping them on top.
  8. Make sure the straps are tight before using the OmGym. this can be done by putting some weight on the stand and pushing the legs over until the straps become tight.

Suggestions: to reduce a loose or shaking feeling, the stands joints have been made with a tight tolerance. You can put a thin layer of grease (olive oil in a pinch) on the joint, this will help it slide in.
Another technique is to slide the pieces together with the holes offset by 1/8 turn , then rotating it back to align the holes.
The orange and green paint may be very thin to allow for an easier fit.
Maximum Weight 500 lbs. Warning: Do not swing from OmGym products. Use only when bodyweight is placed underneath the top bar. Use only as directed. User assumes all risk of liability.
Safety Reminders:

  • Protect yourself with a mat or cushion on the ground, underneath your head.
  • Also test the strength of the bar before inverting. You can put two people in the OmGym to check.
  • Always check the condition of the rope (including the top of the bar and knots) before using the OmGym.

For more important safety tips read the safety guidelines